Player Spotlight: WR Emmanuel Butler




Height: 6’4

Weight: 220

Year: Junior


Tyrant Analysis

Emmanuel enjoyed a very productive season last year as a sophomore, racking up 1,208 yards and 15 touchdowns. He is #2 on our FCS WR rankings, and one of our First Team All-Americans for the pre-season. He has solid hands and is a presence down the field. He has an NFL body and high points the ball as well as anyone at the position. Keep an eye on this kid, and his sensational Quarterback. Expect to hear “Cookus to Butler, Touchdown” alot this year.

Q&A with Emmanuel Butler

1) Tell us a little about yourself. (Ht, Wt, school, position)

6’4, 220lb, Northern Arizona University, Wide Receiver

2) What do you think your biggest strength as a player is?

My biggest strength as a player is playmaking. When the ball is in the air I am going to make the play!

3) Is there one player either in the NFL or college (FBS) that you style your game after?

An NFL receiver that I style my game after is either Julio Jones for the Atlanta Falcons or Allen Robinson for the Jacksonville Jaguars

4) Who is the toughest DB you’ve played against and why?

The toughest DB’s I have played against would be the DB’s here at NAU! Wes Sutton, Cole Sterns, Maurice Davidson, and Kam Johnson. Every time we step on the field together they make sure that I’m getting great work in!

5) What is something that not many people know about you?

Something that not too many people know about me is that I can sing a little bit

6) You broke out last year in a big way, how do you follow that success and not become complacent? Any special off-season work?

Although I had a great season last year, what continues to drive me as a player is the fact that my team didn’t finish where we wanted to. Our goal was to win our conference and that didn’t happen. Also, I did not finish where I wanted to, I wanted to show everyone that I was the best WR in the country and there are still some doubters, so that is what continues to drive me! This offseason I have been focusing on getting in and out of my breaks as fast as I can to create more separation between me and the DB’s I face.

7) What is your greatest motivation as a player?

My greatest motivation as a player is my competitive drive. I want to be the best, and I will not stop until everyone knows that I am the best.

8) Why did you decide on NAU to continue your collegiate career?

I decided to stay at NAU because of our great coaching staff. Coach Plough is a great offensive coordinator and coach Pflugrad is a great WR’s coach. They continue to push me to get better.

9) Tell us a little about Case Cookus, what do you consider the biggest necessity in a QB/WR relationship?

Case Cookus is the best QB in the country! What makes him so good is his ability to stay calm and poised in tough situations! The biggest necessity in a QB/WR relationship is trust. They have to have trust in one another in order to be successful.

10) Any parting words for your fans? What can they expect this year?

For my fans, all I can say is stay tuned! God is not finished with me yet, and last year was just the appetizer for what’s to come this year so expect a show!


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