Senior Bowl Weigh In: Small School Edition


Senior Bowl South Practice

While the thought of grown men watching less clothed men walk across a stage and be measured may seem odd to some, it signifies the beginning of Senior Bowl week down in Mobile, AL. Every prospect on The Senior Bowl roster is has their height, weight, arm length, wingspan, and hand size measured. This gives scouts and media personnel a more realistic idea of a player’s measurables, as many players are listed taller or heavier than they actually are.

With all that being said, we will give you some quick notes on how today’s weigh ins went for our small school prospects that are in Mobile right now.




bucknell_bison Julien Davenport (OT, Bucknell)

Height: 6066

Weight: 310

Hand: 10 1/2

Arm: 36″

Wingspan: 87 1/2


Davenport validated some buzz early, with his astounding numbers. His height/weight combination were consistent with typical left tackle numbers. His arm length and wingspan however were exceptional.



lindenwoodConnor Harris (ILB, Lindenwood)

Height: 5110

Weight: 241

Hand: 9 1/4

Arm: 28 3/4″

Wingspan: 71 1/4″


Harris came in as expected with his height and weight. He has a compact muscular frame and shorter arms. He didn’t win anything in weigh ins, but expect to hear more positives from him as the week progresses.



sfu_logo_two_colour_3Jordan Herdman (ILB, Simon Fraser)

Height: 5106

Weight: 238

Hand: 8 1/8

Arm: 29 7/8″

Wingspan: 74 1/2″


Jordan came in shorter than his listed 6’2 height. He also has a more compact frame with shorter arms. His hands are smaller as well. As with Connor Harris, stay tuned for positives as live action takes place.



 a88d5d7ee9c982ad67ba4fbe6898df3eLorenzo Jerome (Safety, St. Francis)

Height: 5104

Weight: 202

Hand: 8 5/8

Arm: 30 1/2″

Wingspan: 72″


Jerome came in about two inches shorter than his list height, and five pounds heavier. His height and weight are acceptable for a Safety. His arms are a good length, but he has smaller hands.



ewu_logo_for_promos_t1170Cooper Kupp (WR, Eastern Washington)

Height: 6014

Weight: 198

Hand: 9 1/2

Arm: 31 1/4″

Wingspan: 74 3/8″


Kupp came in slightly smaller than his listed height and weight, but nothing that stands out in a negative way. He checked in with average hand size and decent arm length.





image-lasermagicBrendan Langley (CB, Lamar)

Height: 6002

Weight: 198

Hand: 9 5/8

Arm: 31 3/8″

Wingspan: 76 1/8″


Langley came in about as we expected on the measurables. He is a tall, lengthy corner with a decent wingspan.



7ec032117f05f24887e74c6e4736b8d3Derek Rivers (Edge, Youngstown State)

Height: 6041

Weight: 250

Hand: 9 1/2

Arm: 32 3/8

Wingspan: 77 1/2


Rivers checked in with a height and weight consistent with those listed. He fits the mold for a 3-4 OLB and has a reasonable wingspan.



2000px-villanova_wildcats_logo-svgTanoh Kpassagnon (DE, Villanova)

Height: 6067

Weight: 280

Hand: 10 7/8

Arm: 34 7/8″

Wingspan: 8448″


Kpassagnon was as impressive as we thought he would be in the weigh in portion. He has an elite combination of height, weight and arm length. He carried the 280 well and looked very muscular.



utcmocs_1_t1070_h58aaf1c01f3b0b2078cbe16c67127c23035121d7Keionta Davis (DE, Chattanooga)

Height: 6030

Weight: 274

Hand: 9

Arm: 33 1/8″

Wingspan: 80 1/2″


Davis has solid size and a great wingspan, also similar to what we expected. He has generated some buzz early down in Mobile.



22508366-22508366Chad Williams (WR, Grambling State)

Height: 6005

Weight: 204

Hand: 9 3/4

Arm: 32″

Wingspan: 77 1/8″


Williams was listed two inches taller than his actual height. This isn’t troublesome, as he has good arm length and decent sized hands.



2126144_mktg_logoJordan Morgan (OG, Kutztown)

Height: 6026

Weight: 313

Hand: 10

Arm: 33 1/4″

Wingspan: 80 5/8″


Morgan was shorter than his listed height, and explains why scouts had him tabbed as a Guard. However, he has long arms and will do very well inside.


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