Corey Davis vs. Mike Williams… Who’s Number 1?


Corey Davis and Mike Williams are widely considered the Top 2 Wide Receivers in this year’s Draft, but that’s about the only thing the majority can agree on. They come from different, yet successful careers respectively. Corey Davis is historically one of the best Wide Receivers in FBS History, but this was against lesser competition. Mike Williams won a National Championship with Clemson in his last season, defeating the previously undefeated Alabama Crimson Tide with a highlight reel to show for it. We will discuss all of the essential traits in a wide receiver and who has the edge in each category.

Body Measurements

Mike Williams: Height: 6’4″. Weight: 218 pounds. Arm Length: 33 3/8″. Hands: 9 3/8″.

Corey Davis: Height: 6’3″. Weight: 209 pounds. Arm Length: 33″. Hands: 9 1/8″.

Edge: Mike Williams


Mike Williams: 40-yard dash: 4.62

Corey Davis: Anticipated / Previously Recorded 40-yard dash: 4.48

Edge: Corey Davis

Route Running

Mike Williams: Could improve as a route runner. Tends to curve routes occasionally. Cuts sometimes lack explosion. Gets pushed around if pressed. Sometimes difficult to gain separation. Uses body rather than agility to get open.

Corey Davis: Crisp cuts on routes. Can shake a Cornerback on most routes, and adds energy on the end of each route. Can explode on cuts. Speed to separate on deep routes.

Edge: Corey Davis


Mike Williams: Amazing ball tracking ability. Very strong hands. Has occasional concentration drops, but far more outstanding catches. Can make contested catches often. Dominated Marlon Humphrey, a top player in the very deep Cornerback Draft Class, in the championship game. Catch/Drop Rate: 16 to 1.

Corey Davis: Can also make contested catches, but at a lower rate. Not the best at catching in traffic. Lacks full catch radius Williams has, but still a great catcher. Dropped 11 passes last season.  Catch/Drop Rate: 9 to 1.

Edge: Mike Williams

Ball Carrying Ability

Mike Williams: Average with the ball in hands. Will sometimes make guys miss, but not very often. Does not have elite speed to break away from the defenders nor the agility to shake off players. Can get away from guys occasionally. Plays as big bodied receiver trying to gain as many straight ahead.

Corey Davis: Very talented and shifty with ball in hands. Has the balance to stay on feet and gain yardage. Can change direction with ease. Can take a slant and extend the play 50 yards. Can stiff-arm DB’s with ease. Very special playmaker, similar to Amari Cooper in this respect.

Edge: Corey Davis

Run Blocking

Mike Williams: Acceptable blocking for the NFL, but could use some work on run blocking. Definitely has the body size to dominate Defensive Backs, but sometimes struggles in open field. Can sometimes be seen tugging jersey.

Corey Davis: Tough run blocker, was seen multiple times taking the Cornerback out of the play against Wisconsin. Sometimes overpursues while in open field.

Edge: Corey Davis

And the winner is…

Corey Davis. He is the more complete wide receiver and will benefit any team in the aerial attack. He is a versatile open-field playmaker, that can be moved to any receiver spot on the field. Both Wide Receivers are going to have very successful careers in the NFL, but as different types of players. Mike Williams is your old school big bodied receiver who will make the big catches in big games. Corey Davis is more of the new-age electric Wide Receiver in the NFL, may not make every jump ball, but he will extend plays and make something out of nothing, and change the pace of the game in his teams favor.

Written by @RTFootballScout

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