Miami Dolphins 2017 Win-Loss Prediction

The Miami Dolphins made the playoffs last year for the first time since 2008, under first year coach Adam Gase. The question now is, was it a one year fluke or is this the start of a new era for the Dolphins. If the Dolphins want to make it back to the postseason, they don’t have an easy path. This years schedule has been released, and the Dolphins have the sixth hardest Schedule amongst the NFL. I believe the Dolphins can build off of last year’s success as long as injuries do not become a factor. This is a young team who is hungry for success with a win now approach.


Dolphins-Ndamukong-Suh-has-has-another-strong-game.jpgThe Dolphins only play 7 home games this year. They play a game in London this year , and they are considered the home team. As exciting of an experience it is to play it London, it is kind of unfortunate. In reality, a home game is taken away. Let’s take a look at the Dolphins schedule.

Week 1: Home Buccaneers
Week 2: Away Chargers
Week 3: Away Jets
Week 4: Home Saints (London)
Week 5: Home Titans
Week 6: Away Falcons
Week 7: Home Jets
Week 8: Away Ravens
Week 9: Home Raiders
Week 10: Away Panthers
Week 11: Bye
Week 12: Away Patriots
Week 13: Home Broncos
Week 14: Home Patriots
Week 15: Away Bills
Week 16: Away Chiefs
Week 17: Home Bills

Week 1 ( Buccaneers) – Home and Season opener I believe the Dolphins will thrive in this game and show the league they are no push over anymore. I do believe they come out with a win in this game, but it will not be easy. Mike Evans will be hard to contain, and the Buccaneers have a stingy defense who have a lot to prove to. Both of these teams are in the same boat. Both are young and hungry for success. This game should be entertaining, a nail biter, and I believe the Dolphins start the season on the correct note.

Record : 1-0

Week 2 (Chargers)- Last year these two teams faced off , and they put on a show. The game was capped off with an interception by Dolphins Linebacker Kiko Alonso who returned it to the end zone to seal the game. Talent wise the Dolphins are a more skilled team. The Chargers are a aging team that has much more experience though. The Chargers are a good team, but I don’t believe they will be able to handle the Dolphins explosive offense. However, you have to consider the weapons the Chargers have gained including a returning Keenan Allen and new rookie receiver Mike Williams. My prediction is the Dolphins get a early lead , and than run away with the game. The hot start will continue through week 2.

Record 2-0

Week 3 (Jets)- To put this in a Simply way the Jets are in the rebuilding process. No one knows who will be the Quarterback, the Defense is shaky although I really do like the pick they used in the first round. They selected LSU safety Jamal Adams. I believe he will become a instance leader for their young D. After all of that though the Jets will struggle to win this year. The Dolphins swept their Division foes last year, and I suspect the same to proceed this year. Dolphins win in a blowout, and people start seeing the Dolphins are for real.

Record 3-0

Week 4 (Saints)- All time the Dolphins are 1-2 in London games. I personal can’t stand the London Games as I believe it can mess a team all up. People don’t realize how much a effect going through time zones really has. Dolphins Star Running back Jay Ajayi is from England, and he will have a field day in this game I believe. Saints have a explosive offense , but the defense is not a solid group. This game has all the making to be a shootout. Dolphins win in England in a close high scoring game.

Record 4-0

Week 5 (Titans)- The hot start comes to a end in week 5. They won’t be 100% coming back from England. Also to top that off the Titans are a young and explosive team ready to breakout. QB Marcus Mariota will have a very explosive year, and he has some major weapons. They will be a exciting team to watch. Titans blew the Dolphins out last year. I would not be surprised if the same happens this year. Week 5 will be the week the Dolphins come back to earth. Dolphins lose.

Record 4-1

Week 6 (Falcons)- Away game against the defending NFC Champ will be no easy task. One Main problem is I don’t think the Dolphins have a man who can guard Julio Jones the whole game. The Falcons are dominant in almost every facet of the game. They should of been the Super Bowl champ , but crumpled apart in the second half. If the Dolphins won this game it would show a lot. It would show this team is ready to try to take the crown from the Patriots in the division. As good as all of that sounds I don’t believe it will happen. Dolphins suffer back to back defeats.

Record 4-2

Week 7 ( Jets)- As I said earlier the Jets will be a miserable team. Home or Away the Jets really will have no advantage at all this year. Maybe next year will be a different story , but it’s not next year. The Dolphins win in dominant form once again. They will look to start a win streak back up with this win.

Record 5-2

Week 8 (Ravens)- Last season the Ravens ended Miami’s lengthy win streak by absolutely destroying them. This was a wake up call for them. That defeat showed them they were not as good as they thought. I don’t think that game has really slipped there minds. The Dolphins will look go to get a little payback in a Defensive game. Both teams have seriously upgraded the defensive side of the ball. That’s why I believe this game it may be hard to score. This game will be a hard thought grueling game that I think the Dolphins prevail In a close one.

Record 6-2

Week 9 (Raiders)- This is a prime time game for the Dolphins. All eyes will be on them. The Raiders have a dynamic offense witch includes Derek Carr, Marshawn Lynch who is fresh out of retirement, and finally Amari Cooper. Plus they have a stingy Defense who does whatever it takes to get the job done. I suspect the Raiders to be Super Bowl Contenders this year. This game will be a very good game I believe. If the Raiders were home I would pick them I believe , but they are not. The Dolphins win a close game.

Record 7-2

Week 10 (Panthers)- The Panthers are looking for some revenge following last season. They went from one of best to the worst team in a matter of a year. I believe this will be a extremely tough team to beat this season. Cam Newton will be back to his MVP caliber plus he has a very exciting new weapon he can use to his disposal. His name is Christian Mccaffrey who could easily be debated as the most explosive rookie this year. This is a team I don’t believe the Dolphins defense will be able to contain. The Dolphins will take a step back this week , and take a loss to the Panthers.

Record 7-3

Week 11 – Bye Week

Record 7-3

Week 12 (Patriots)- This is the first match between the two rivals this year. I don’t think I really have to say it. The Patriots are a really talented football team. Somehow they seemed to of gotten so much better this offseason. They turned one of the top Defenses into a even better one , and they also acquired one of the best playmakers in the NFL Brandin Cooks. They make few mistakes, and capitalize on the opposing teams mistakes. I do believe the Dolphins will steal one game from New England this year , but not in this game. Tom Brady will lead the Patriots to a demanding win in week 12.

Record 7-4

Week 13 (Broncos)- Dolphins will get back on track in week 13 with a win against the Broncos. The Broncos have a bunch of question marks surrounding them. They do not have a experienced enough QB, the O-Line is subpar , and they have a shaky running game. If Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch breaks out than the Broncos could be a decent team. I don’t think that will happen though. The Defense is still a top defense, but I don’t think that will be enough for Denver this year. Dolphins win.

Record 8-4

Week 14 (Patriots)- The Dolphins get revenge. This game is a home game. I really don’t know how , but the Dolphins will find a way to win this game. They will contain New England’s elite playmakers. The magic from last season will return , and the Dolphins will look like an elite team in this game. It will be a hard fought out win. Winning this game would be huge. Any time you beat the defending super bowl champ your team is seemingly on the right track.

Record 9-4

Week 15 (Bills)- The Dolphins play the Bills twice in the final three weeks. The Bills are a decent team. They have question marks, but they have potential. I don’t like this game for Miami. It feels like a trap game. Going to Buffalo late in the season is miserable. The game will be freezing. Nothing seems to stack up for Miami in this game. The Bills pick up a cheap win where most likely a lot of sloppy football will be played.

Record 9-5

Week 16 (Chiefs)- This game also does not favor Miami. For Starters the Chiefs are going to be a good team this season. They have a quick fast paced Offense that’s hard to stop, and they have a elite defense. Second off its a away game. The Chiefs have one of the crazier crowds in football. Finally once again it’s going to be very cold. All of this does not favor the Dolphins. The Dolphins have a better chance wining against the Bills in Week 15 rather than this game. Dolphins will suffer another loss.

Record 9-6

Week 17 (Bills) – The Dolphins will win this game. They come back home after a lengthy road trip , and impress their fans. They will kill the Bills in this game to cap off their season. They will finish the season 10-6 following this game. This game will most likely also lock them up to another postseason trip.

Record 10-6

I have the Dolphins going 10-6 , and grabbing one of the wildcard spots. This year will be a fun year for Dolphins fans. They have possibly one of the most exciting offenses in the NFL. They also have now a much improved defense. The Dolphins are no joke anymore. They are a contending team, and they feel they have a lot to prove because they don’t think they get the respect they deserve. Should be a fun year for Dolphin Fans!


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