What do the 49ers do at QB?

Going into the off season, everyone kind of assumed that the 49ers would address the QB situation, rather it be in free agency or the draft. Technically speaking they added 3 QBs to the roster, but being honest none of them actually seem like a long term starter. What that organization is saying is they are still in tank mode, and playoff ready for another season or 2. The first QB listed on the roster is Brian Hoyer.

I don’t know what Kyle Shanahan saw from Hoyer, that made him want to sign him. To be fair in 6 games of action Hoyer threw for 1,400 yards and 6 TDs and 0 ints. Now that might not seem that bad, but Hoyer is already on the wrong side of 30 and on his 7th team out of 9 seasons in the league. The 2nd QB listed on the roster is Matt Barkley. Another former Chicago Bears quarterback, Barkley was once seen as the heir to Mark Sanchez at USC. Despite being in the league since 2013, Barkley was finally given the chance to actually start some games to see how good this kid is. Boy did he disappoint. He threw for 1,600 yards 8 TDs and 14 INTs. While his team had few weapons that is not acceptable. On the bright side he is only 26, he still has time to get his career together, I just don’t think it will be with the 49ers. The final possible starter on the team is the rookie CJ Beathard, drafted from Iowa.

In my opinion I don’t even consider him a top 5 QB in the draft. I would have preferred someone like Dobbs, Chad Kelly, or Peterman. I don’t see anything going for him. For one he is already 23 (turning 24 in Nov). His stats are pretty lackluster. For example in his junior year of college he threw for almost 3,000 yards 17 TDs and 5 INTs which isn’t that bad. But for senior year he threw for less yards and 5 MORE INTERCEPTIONS. I just see him as another practice squad player who will be off the roster 2 years from now. Going into this season I don’t have expectations for any of this quarterbacks because I believe our franchise QB has not been drafted yet and it is not Kirk Cousins.


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