Did the Redskins make a mistake with Kirk Cousins?

As I’m sitting here pondering the current contract situation between the Redskins Front Office & Kirk Cousins, it’s painfully obvious he should’ve been signed to a contract last year. Here’s why:

Guaranteed Money:

Last year Kirk Cousins was paid $19.95 million to be the Redskins QB for 1 year.

The most polarizing figure on the Redskins roster, quarterback Kirk Cousins. (Photo Credit to ESPN.com)

This year, he’s on another Franchise Tag and this one pays him $24.95 Million for this year. That is $45 million for 2 years of services rendered. God forbid they Franchise him again next year, as that will cost over $34 million for 1 more year. That would bring the total of 100% Guaranteed money to $80 million for 3 years.



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Salary Cap:

It’s hard to pay any Franchise quarterback money now that keeps them happy, but at the same time allows you to field a team that can stay competitive despite paying that much to one position.

Finding the sweet spot for paying a quarterback is becoming harder and harder, but the great teams find a way to make it work. The Redskins truly need to understand they’re already paying Kirk premiere quarterback money and have nothing guaranteed past this year. Kirk is by far the highest paid player on the team now.He needs to understand as well that it takes two to tango and that he can’t hold them ransom and expect to be paid like Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady or the recently retired Peyton Manning. Kirk’s had great numbers over the past two seasons Absolutely! Yet we had one season which got us a playoff game and one season without a playoff game. Granted he has 10,000 yards passing and multiple franchise records under his belt, but succes has to translate into the win column as well.

Team Unity:

Kirk is the unquestioned leader of the team and has the chance to set the bar for a contract that would allow him to be compensated greatly, but still not handcuffing the team. This team can win with Captain Kirk at the helm, but he needs to be under contract. How can you keep players or attract new players to a team that has no certainty at the biggest position on the team. Look at why Terrelle Pryor signed, Kirk is unquestionably better then ANY QB on the Brown’s last year. Even the non proven WR Brian Quick, who had one of the worst Offenses ever in the NFL, signed in Washington because Kirk can help prove his worth in the NFL.

Front Office Missed it’s Chance:

As I mentioned prior, Kirk made $20 mill last year. If the Redskins were smart, they would’ve gambled on a contract that paid Kirk before he had more leverage. Unfortunately for the Redskins front office, he has all the leverage he needs. If he excels even more this year and the Redskins go deep in the playoffs, they will probably lose him because his price tag will sky rocket even higher.

(Photo Credit to Talk-Sports.net)

In short, my opinion is to pay him before July 15th and realize you have your quarterback of the future. For the past 25 years the Redskins have had nothing close to a Franchise quarterback on any of the rosters since Bill Clinton was in office… Isn’t that scary?

Pay Kirk $50 million up front and $20 million per year for 5 years, or the price will go up and up. You win by staying competitive in a Division that is suddenly full of talented quarterbacks, as well as ensuring the team will have consistency at the biggest Position in football. This will keep the Redskins in contention for a division title, and continue to attract talented free agents.



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