Predicting the Tennessee Titans record for 2017

Tennessee’s 3rd year signal caller, Marcus Mariota. (Photo Credit to Fox Sports)

1. Raiders

This should be a brawl of two teams on the rise. As long as Mariota and Carr are both healthy, this game has the makings of a barn burner. In a very close matchup, Mariota and company avenge last season’s seven point loss. This week one game could be a preview of some not too distant playoff bout.

Record: (1-0)

2. @ Jaguars

After last season’s embaressing loss, when the Titans needed to win most, expect Mularkey to have the crew ready to come out hot. The Jaguars have a team loaded with potential talent, and a possible coaching scheme to maximize it. Titans get the running game going early, and ride it to a win here.

Record: (2-0)

3. Seahawks

Titans have a fight on their hands here. Though the Seahawks aren’t where they were a few years ago, this game will still be a good measuring stick for the boys in blue. The run game may struggle a bit, and that could cause some serious issues. Seahawks win this game on an opportunistic turnover.

Record: (2-1)

4. @ Texans

Titans are beginning to get the AFC South monkey off of their backs. Lebeau’s defenses have a very good track record against rookie quarterbacks. If Watson is the starter by week 4, look out. JJ Watt still gets his, but the Titans pull away with a victory.

Record: (3-1)

Franchise quarterback and Franchise left tackle, things are definitely trending up in Nashville. (Photo Credit to

5. @ Dolphins

The Dolphins added some pieces to their defense through the draft, and will expect them to contribute early. Though the Dolphins have some star power on the defensive line, the Titans have a pretty good unit opposite of them. Taylor Lewan and Jack Conklin keep the pocket clean off the edge, but interior pressure may be an issue. Titans use the short passing game and the run game to get a win here.

Record (4-1)

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6. Colts

The Colts with a competant General Manager are absolutely terrifying. They added some very good pieces on defense, including Ohio State phenom Malik Hooker. Hooker will bring a different element to that defense, and the Titans don’t want this be a shoot out. However, in the first matchuip, it ends up that way. Colts edge out the Titans.

Record: (4-2)

7. @ Browns

Though the Browns made some nice additions this off season, the Titans still hold almost every advantage. They walk into the factory of sadness and come out with a “W”. Myles Garrett will be tested by fire, against two very talented tackles.

Record: (5-2)

8. Bye Week

9. Ravens

The Ravens added some solid defensive pieces in Alabama’s Marlon Humphrey and Tim Williams. They also added a pass rusher from Houston, Tyus Bowser. The Ravens are trying to recapture the defensive magic they had a few years ago, that propelled them to a Super Bowl Championship. The defense isn’t there yet, and neither is the ground game. Titans win another.

Record: (6-2)

Rams Titans Football
If OLB Brian Orakpo can stay healthy all season, expect another 10+ sack year. (Photo Credit to

10. Bengals

The Titan’s new cornerback, Logan Ryan, will have his hands full with A.J Green. Expect speedster John Ross (Washington) to take the top off of this defense. it’ll be a tough go, Titans drop one here.

Record: (6-3)

11. @ Steelers

The Steelers have some of the most dangerous weapons in the league. Antonio Brown has proven himself be an elite option at wide receiver, and Leveon Bell is a workhorse back with homerun potential. Big Ben will look to use the home field advantage, and get a win here.

Record: (6-4)

12. @ Colts

This time the Titans get it right, pounding the rock and keeping the game within striking distance. Expect the Titans to atleast split with the Colts this season, which could set this up as a winner takes the division. Titans win.

Record: (7-4)

13. Texans

Predicting a sweep is bold, considering how nasty Houston’s defense is. But, we are doing just that. Watson looks way better in his second showing, but still struggles on the road. Titans defense overwhelms him, and the Titans take home the victory.

Record: (8-4)

One of the nastiest interior defenders you’ll ever meet, former USC standout, Jurrell Casey. (Photo Credit to Bleacher Report)

14. @ Cardinals

The Cardinals are a team that could be right in the thick of a playoff run. Another tough test for the Titans, especially on the road. If Carson is healthy (a big if), then the Cardinals come up with the win here.

Record: (8-5)

15. @ 49ers

With the wholesale change that the team and organization have went through, expect the 49ers to have some growing pains this season. Expecting the Titans to roll here, although the 49ers have some good, young pieces defensively.

Record: (9-5)

16. Rams

As with the 49ers, the Rams have seen alot of change this off season. If Sean McVay can salvage Jared Goff this season, there could be rays of hope on the horizon. The Titans should have another good game, and get to their first ten win season since 2008.

Record: (10-5)

17. Jaguars

The Titans cap off the regular season with another solid win over the Jaguars. They finish the season strong, and build their momentum for a playoff run.

Record: (11-5)

Final Record (11-5)

AFC South Champs

First Round bye in the playoffs

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