Dolphins 53 Man Roster Prediction Part 1 (QB, RB, WR, TE)



This is a way to early prediction because training camp has not even begun yet, but let’s take an early look of what the Dolphins roster may be looking like this year. I’ll break it down position by position, and you will get a more in depth look on who the Dolphins player rotations consist of.

Let’s begin at the Quarterback position I believe the Dolphins QB situation is fairly simple. Ryan Tannehill is going to be the starter and Matt Moore is going to back him up. They could add a third QB just for some insurance, but I doubt that happens. Ryan Tannehill is fully healthy following his season ending knee injury last year , and Matt Moore is a very good experienced backup QB. My prediction is Dolphins stick with just two quarterbacks.


Depth Chart QB:

1. Ryan Tannehill

2. Matt Moore
Next up is the Running backs. The leader of this group is Jay Ajayi. Ajayi will be looking to impress again this year following his break out season last year. Ajayi will the the workhorse back for the Dolphins again , but someone who I’m looking forward to see progress in his sophomore year is Kenyan Drake. Drake is explosive and I expect a bigger role for him this year. After Ajayi and Drake I see Damien Williams and De’Veon Smith making the roster. Williams was mostly used in the red zone last year and I expect the same this year. Finally De’Veon Smith. Smith is an undrafted signing the Dolphins picked up this year. He is a man that I believe could be a major steal. My prediction is eventually I see him beating out Williams for the third spot on the depth chart.

Depth Chart RB

Jay Ajayi

Kenyan Drake

Damien Williams

De’Veon Smith
Now let’s talk about the men who catch the ball. The Receivers and Tight Ends. The Dolphins receiving situation looks like this. They have three main targets. Jarvis Landry who runs the slot , and is maybe the best slot receiver in the NFL is the number one receiver. Than you have a hungry DeVante Parker who is looking to show the league he is the real deal. He is Big and explosive and many throughout the Dolphins organization are expecting a lot from him. Finally it’s capped off with Kenny Stills. Stills returned to Miami when he didn’t have to this offseason. He had higher offers from other teams but came back to Miami. That choice made him a fan favorite to many Dolphins Fans. He is the deep man. He will score the long touchdown , he is a real spark to this team. These three are all extremely talented and I expect a lot from them.
To round of the receivers I have Leonte Carroo, Rashawn Scott, Isaiah Ford, and Jakeem Grant grabbing spots. All of these guys are not 100% locks on making the roster though. Carroo has a lot to prove. He had a down rookie season and did not play to his full potential. This kid could be very good , and I think he has it in him. Dolphins are expecting a lot more from him this season being they traded away some picks to draft him last year. If Carro cannot produce I believe Scott can produce. He is underrated in my eyes and I believe he could be a factor this year in the Dolphins offense. Ford was drafted in the seventh round this year. He is extremely talented , and I don’t see him being cut although I don’t expect to see him much on the field. Finally Jakeem Grant. Grant is explosive but undersized. If Grant can prove he is worthy enough of a spot I think he will have a big special teams role , but I also believe he could find a role on offense. It’s a stretch of a prediction but I say Jakeem Grant turns some heads this offseason, and makes some big plays on offense this year.
Next up is the Tight Ends. Dolphins lost their starting tight end from last season. Dion Sims left them to go to the Bears. This was a position in question after that move , but I believe the Dolphins did a nice job fixing it up. They traded for Julius Thomas. Thomas was an elite target in Denver , but faded off when he went to Jacksonville. The offensive coordinator in Denver when Thomas was their was Adam Gase. Hopefully Thomas returns to his elite level now being reunited with Gase. They then signed veteran Anthony Fasano. Fasano is a very good blocking tight end who will be good insurance for injury prone Julius Thomas. The Fasano signing may have been one of the Dolphins smartest moves this offseason. As I said he blocks, he catches , and he will do the dirty work. He is a all around great team player. They will fill the third TE spot with Marques Gray who is a good player. He will fill in when needed .

Depth Chart WR

Jarvis Landry

DeVante Parker

Kenny Stills

Leonte Carroo

Rashawn Scott

Isaiah Ford

Jakeem Grant

Depth Chart TE

Julius Thomas

Anthony Fasano

Marques Gray


The Following segment will consist of O-Line, D-Line , and Linebackers. As of now though there is a closer look at the Dolphins Skilled Positions.

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