49ers Possible Pro Bowlers

For a team that only won 2 games the season before, it’s a huge reach to think this team possesses any Pro Bowl talent (except Navarro Bowman). But I am here to say there are a few players that I believe can make the cut. What I am going to do is go through the players from the highest chance to the lowest chance (but there is still hope). The first player is Navarro Bowman.

He’s 29 but plays like 25. One of the few players that’s still here after the glory days. No debate,one of the best defensive players in the league and the best on the team. One thing he has is consistency, averaging around 97 tackles a season. Only thing holding him back from making the Pro Bowl is how fast will he bounce back from his Achilles injury, besides that he is a guarantee. Next is Carlos Hyde, who just came off his best season. After Frank Gore left, Hyde needed to step up, and be the downhill runner the 49ers desperately needed. Hyde was one of the few bright spots on offense. He even made the Pro Bowl last year, but couldn’t play because of injuries. Like Bowman, injuries could hold him back from reaching full potential. Another injury plagued season could get him replaced.

Next on the list is Eric Reid. After his rookie season, Reid seemed like a star in the making, but once again the injury bug got to him. Reid has had many concussions while being in the league and some say he even considered retirement. With a new defensive coordinator and additions to the defensive secondary, Reid is setup for success. No longer will most of the workload go to him.

I believe Reid can go back to being a top safety and one of the league’s hardest hitters. Seen as one of the 49ers best o-linemen of all time, Joe Staley has the opportunity to be a Pro Bowler. Last year the 49ers had one of the worst O-line in the league. Staley was once even in trade rumors. Hopefully Joe is here to stay, and retire with the Niners whenever he is ready to end his career. The last 2 players are first year and second year players. The 7th pick in last year’s draft was DeForest Buckner, who had a pretty solid season for a rookie. He had 6 sacks at 3-4 DE. I don’t know if he will be playing DE or DT, since the 49ers switch to a 4-3. Either position I think he will do well.

The final player that I think has a chance to make the Pro Bowl is the rookie Reuben Foster. I honestly think he was the most complete LB in the draft. If it wasn’t for personal issues and that shoulder injury, no doubt Foster would’ve been a for sure top-10 pick. With his elite speed,high motor, and aggressiveness, Foster has everything you want in a linebacker. On top of that he gets to work with Bowman who could teach him a thing or 2. My honorable mention is Rashard Robinson. Near the end of the season he showed flashes of greatness and that he could be a shut-down corner. These players are the highlights of the team and could shine this season with Pro Bowl honors. 

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