Melvin Ingram Signs A Long Term Deal


Edge rusher Melvin Ingram signs a long term deal. (Photo credit to

Right on time.

The L.A. Chargers seem notorious for off-season contract situations. Last year Joey Bosa, this year is Melvin Ingram. Fortunately these issues don’t seem to linger too long, and eventfully conclude with pen to paper.

The deal is 4 years, 66 Million dollars, averaging $16.5M a year (spotrac) – matches well with other top Edge Rushers in the league, most notably Chandler Jones in AZ. The deal is fair for both parties and here’s why. For the Chargers, edge rushers who are adept at both rushing the QB & setting the edge are few and rare. Melvin is in tremendous shape after yearly body shape-ups, motivated, and at a young 28 years his best football is prospective. For Melvin, he gets to stay with the team that drafted him, build on his progress under renowned defensive coordinator Gus Bradley, and develop into a potential top 3 pass rushing duo alongside Joey Bosa.

That duo, and more so the potential, should not be sold short. Melvin Ingram posted 69 Sacks, Hurries, and Pressures on the QB, good for 4th best among all edge rushers (PFF). Many of those should have been converted into sacks, & there’s reason to believe they will be. The more Bosa progresses, and pushes from up the middle with his active array of pass rushing moves, Melvin should find himself with plenty of one-on-ones. Consider that the Bradley defense encourages rushing the passer, Melvin will post double digit sacks every season moving forward, should he stay healthy.

Every Chargers fan should be overtly excited. Talks of the promise land are arising. Joey Bosa was a rookie & dominated like no other rookie has. I don’t remember a rookie defensive end wrecking shop since Jevon Kearse. Kearse is a distant memory, but Joey is the future. The opponents must adjust to either Ingram or Bosa, whose games of speed & power, respectively, work harmoniously. The two are yin & yang. They’re different with their on-field approach, same in their off-field, & collected will set the standard for this Chargers defense. #BoltUp

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