Cleveland Browns season breakdown: Games 5-8

After a miserable 1-15 campaign in 2016, the Browns are hoping to show signs of progress in their new rebuild. This is the second part in a series where I  break down the Browns’ schedule by each four-game “quarter”. These are my predictions as of right now. Of course, things tend to change a lot week-to-week during the NFL season.

Game 5: New York Jets at Cleveland

If things don’t go as well as I predicted in the first four games for the Browns, this could be the battle for next year’s No. 1 overall pick. The Jets are beginning a rebuild similar to what the Browns did last season so their roster is very, very thin. The Browns will be facing former quarterback Josh McCown in this game. With the Browns a year into their rebuild, I like their roster a lot better.

Prediciton: Browns 24, Jets 13. Record: 3-2!!!!!

Game 6: Cleveland at Houston

The Browns likely will be facing off against the quarterback they passed up on in Deshaun Watson in this game. The Texans are so loaded on defense and Watson has so many more weapons on offense than the Browns have. This one probably will be over early.

Prediction: Texans 33, Browns 14. Record: 3-3

Game 7: Tennessee at Cleveland

The Titans are my pick to win the AFC South this season. They are where the Browns should be in the next year or so, but the Browns aren’t there yet. Quarterback Marcus Mariota and the Titans edged out the Browns last season. Look for a similar result this year.

Prediction: Titans 28, Browns 21. Record: 3-4

Game 8: Minnesota vs. Cleveland (at Twickenham Stadium in London)

The Browns gave up a home game to play overseas in London against the Vikings. They don’t even get to play in Wembley Stadium, either. Underdogs haven’t fared well in these games, and while the Vikings aren’t title contenders at this point, I like them in this matchup.

Prediction: Vikings 20, Browns 17. Record: 3-5.

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