Cleveland Browns season breakdown: Games 9-12

After a miserable 1-15 campaign in 2016, the Browns are hoping to show signs of progress in their new rebuild. This is the third part in a series where I  break down the Browns’ schedule by each four-game “quarter”. These are my predictions as of right now. Of course, things tend to change a lot week-to-week during the NFL season.

Game 9: Cleveland at Detroit

Coming out of the bye week after their trip to London, the Browns should be rested and well-prepared for a Lions team that despite having Matt Stafford at quarterback, isn’t much better than the Browns at this point. If things go right, I can certainly see the Browns stealing a game here.

Prediction: Browns 24, Lions 21. Record: 4-5

Game 10: Jacksonville at Cleveland

Something crazy always seems to happen when these two former AFC Central division teams meet up. The Jaguars seemingly have been on the cusp of being a playoff team for a couple of years now but have not gotten over the hump. But still, I think Jacksonville will be too much for the Browns here.

Prediction: Jaguars 30, Browns 17. Record: 4-6

Game 11: Cleveland at Cincinnati

I gave the Browns the edge in their meeting in Cleveland in my analysis of the first four games. I’m going to give the Bengals the split here.

Prediction: Bengals 27, Browns 21. Record: 4-7

Game 12: Cleveland at Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers had the distinction of being the only team to lose to the Browns last season. However, that was at home in December. Now, the Browns have to travel across the country to face the Chargers in Carson, Calif. The Chargers should be ready for some payback here.

Prediction: Chargers 23, Browns 17. Record: 4-8

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