Cleveland Browns season breakdown: Games 13-16

After a miserable 1-15 campaign in 2016, the Browns are hoping to show signs of progress in their new rebuild. This is the last part in a series where I  break down the Browns’ schedule by each four-game “quarter”. These are my predictions as of right now. Of course, things tend to change a lot week-to-week during the NFL season.

Game 13: Green Bay at Cleveland

The final stretch is not an easy one. It begins with a home tilt against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. At this point, the Browns will likely be eliminated from postseason contention while the Packers should be playing for another division title.

Prediction: Packers 38, Browns 20. Record: 4-9

Game 14: Baltimore at Cleveland

I’d like to think this is the year the Browns can break out against the Ravens after several near-misses. However, the Ravens will probably be much better at this point of the year.

Prediction: Ravens 24, Browns 10. Record: 4-10

Game 15: Cleveland at Chicago

It will be the Browns against hometown hero Mitchell Trubisky, the quarterback the Browns likely would have drafted if Myles Garrett wasn’t the consensus No. 1 pick. Unfortunately for Trubisky, the Bears are terrible and the Browns should easily win this one.

Prediction: Browns 30, Bears 17. Record: 5-10

Game 16: Cleveland at Pittsburgh

By this point, the Steelers should have wrapped up another division title and a postseason berth. But as we saw last year, even if they rest their starters, it doesn’t necessarily lead to a Browns win.

Prediction: Steelers 24, Browns 14. Record: 5-11


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