Month: September 2017

Harold Landry, OLB Boston College.



Harold Landry, OLB from Boston College stands 6’3 and 250 pounds. In 2016 he tallied 51 tackles, (34 of them being solo) 22 for loss, and 16.5 sacks, 1 interception, 4 pass breakups and 7 force fumbles. I’d call that a good season. 

 Landry is a natural pass rusher, He has an explosive first step and can truly natually bend at the top of his pass rush. (Von Miller and Mack do this very well) He’s very loose and fluid in his motion and hips, which allows him to get to the quarterback quickly once he turns the corner. He also has an explosive up-and-under move to create pressure. His ability to finish is something great. He can adjust his path as the result of quarterback movement in the pocket, and he’s always attempting to swipe the ball away on contact to force a turnover. Landry also has a very good motor and doesn’t stop on a play just cause it’s going opposite of him. 

Landry is a dynamic backside run defender. He closed the back door several times against Dalvin Cook in the FSU game. He gives great effort to chase plays from behind. He flashes the ability to hold the point of attack on the front side. His instincts are amazing (The interception vs. Maryland in the bowl game). He plays defensive end in Boston Colleges scheme but I can easily see him being a OLB as well in 3-4 defenses. 

Landry Vs. Clemson 2016: 

Very first offensive play for Watson and the Tigers is a pass, Landry comes off the edge vs the (RT) Landry gives the (RT) A simple little hand swipe move and forces Watson to throw it underneath as he gets the pressure and hit. In the redzone later in the drive. Landry holds down inside containment vs Watson has he keeps the option to run. Landry get’s help from a corner who forces Watson inside to him and helps makes the tackle. Early in the 2nd quarter Landry again vs the (RT) Bends very low at the hips, got around the corner to sack and strip fumble Watson. A negative I saw was on an option play Watson gave it to Cain to run and Landry closed to far inside giving a big hole off to the right side of the line. Now Landry didn’t give up on the play as he turned around and helped run him down to get in on the tackle. Later in the 4th Landry was able to beat the (RT) on a power move to start but then changed to a swim under to get in and knock Watson’s arm to cause the pass to go incomplete. Later in that same drive Landry did a great inside move to for a tackle for loss on the play. ( Made it look easy ) 

Some negatives I did see was on what I would call half the plays vs the (LT) Landry did have trouble getting away and shedding the block, Rather it be against pass protection or run. But he showed very good skill and pursuit on several plays. 1 play he ran down Watson to the sideline and stopped him for only a gain of about 1. I really liked how he got his hands up in the air if he wasn’t able to get to the quarterback. Stats for the game, 5 Solo tackles, 1 assisted tackle for 6 total tackles. 1 tackle for loss, 1 sack, 1 pass deflection and 1 force fumble. Overall Grade: B+


What’s wrong with the SEC

Ever since the SEC started flexing their muscles with seven straight national championships and dominating every team from the other power 5 conferences they’ve gotten cocky, declaring themselves the hands-down best conference in college football. And at one point they were, but right now the SEC may not even be a top 2 power 5 conference. 

After week 4 of the season. The only team that has yet tasted a lost. Has been Alabama and Georgia. Both standing tall at 4-0. 

The SEC still gets top prospects, top athletes, has some of the best stadiums in the nation.  In the AP Power Poll the top 25 holds a total of 6 SEC teams. 1 Alabama, 7 Georgia, Auburn 13, Florida 21, Mississippi State 24, LSU 25. But How many teams truly belong there. Mississippi State gets blown out by Georgia 31-3. Florida had a last second comeback win against Kentucky to win 28-27. LSU did have a hard time vs Syracuse but pulled away to win it 35-26. Alabama clearly won vs Vanderbilt who was 3-0. 59-0. 

I have a strong opinion that if you want your team to be a top ranked team. Rather you’re in college or the NFL. Then you must pay for that coach. For example, Alabama has been a top ranked school for almost a decade. Why? Because they have arguably the greatest college head coach in NCAA history in Nick Saban. And he makes 11 million a year. The 2nd and 3rd highest paid coaches are Jim Harbaugh and Urban Meyer. Both in the big 10. OSU has been in first 2 college football playoffs alongside Alabama. Jim Harbaugh has brought the fire back in Michigan And made them a top school once again. Michigan being 4-0 and OSU being 3-1. With OSU only lost coming from 4-0 and number 3 Oklahoma. The remaining top 10 have 1 ACC school being Florida State coached by Jimbo Fisher. Who will be in the Hall Of Fame. One Big 12 school being Texas which is having trouble at their head coaching job. Then the last 5 are SEC and Big Ten schools. But the SEC schools being Mississippi, Texas A&M and Auburn and Big Ten schools being Penn State and Iowa. Penn State is a top 10 school in the nation and Iowa always challenges top schools like Penn State and OSU. And at the moment Penn State and Iowa would beat Mississippi and Texas A&M. Auburn would be able to make it a game but would still lose to Penn State and possibly Iowa. 

Teams like OSU, Michigan, Penn State are so well coached on all 3 sides of the ball and are all 3 very good at recruiting. The only school that can match them in the SEC is Alabama with Nick Saban. The 2017 recruiting class Bama was 1, OSU was 2nd, Michigan and Penn State came in 5 and 15. In 2016 class Bama was 1 again, OSU was 3rd, with Michigan and Penn State coming in at 8 and 20. 


Tennessee Titans Key Stat’s through week 3. ( OFFENSE )

Marcus Mariota has 696 yards passing with 3 touchdowns and 1 interception. 60 of 100 for 60 percent completion and a QBR of 86.9. Little side note. Through week 3 Marcus has 33 attempts a game. 3 more than his previous 2 seasons. And is averaging 4 more yards a game than in 2016. At home Marcus has combined for a total of 45-73 for 481 yards and 61.6 completion percentage. Plus 2 touchdowns with 0 interceptions. Away from home Marcus is 15-27 for 215 yards and 55.6 percent completion. 1 touchdown and 1 interception. 

Murray: Murray who was 3rd in rushing last season with 1283 yards rushing has gotten off to a slow start in the first 2 games. But in week 3 he found his groove and shined. Tallying 14 carries for 115 yards and a touchdown. And looked great on his 75 yard run for a touchdown. That puts him at 35 carries for 184 yards and a touchdown through 3 games. Murray has done his best work in the 2nd half of the game gaining 13 carries for 123 yards and a touchdown through 3 games.

Derrick Henry: 33 carries for 171 yards ( 5.2 YPC ) for 1 touchdowns. Which is an improvement on his rookie campaign through the first 3 games. In 2016 Henry was averaging 7 carries a game at 4.5 YPC and 32.7 yards a game. So far in 2017 Henry is averaging 11 carries a game at 5.2 YPC and 57 yards a game. Henry has became a bigger part of this offense like I believed he would be. Henry is at his best inside the redzone tallying 6 carries for 37 yards and 1 touchdown.

Matthews: In 3 games Matthews as 14 catches for 201 yards and 1 touchdown. We all know he wasn’t a big part of the offense this time last season. But he has grown to become Mariotas favorite wide receiver target and someone he trust on 3rd downs.

Walker: Walker is Walker. I have a hard time not putting him as my top overall tight end in the NFL. He just does everything and does it very very well. So far here in 2017 Walker has totaled 15 catches for 168 yards with 0 touchdowns.

OFFENSIVE LINE: The Titans with Mike Mularkey have made it a point to have a strong physical offensive line and Mike and GM Jon Robinson have done just that. Last season Pro Football Focus (PFF) rated the Titans offensive line as the best in the NFL. And they have stayed completely together in 2017. In the first 3 games of the season. The offensive line have allowed just 2 sacks (tied for 1st) and 5 QB hits (2nd best) in the NFL. Tennessee is 2nd in the NFL in rushing with 469 yards. Only behind the Kansas City Chiefs who have 486 yards. Titans are also tied with 3 other teams with 5 rushing touchdowns. And rank 14th in passing yards.


The Tennessee Titans top 5 grades” (According to PFF)

LT Taylor Lewan, 91.1 overall grade

LB Wesley Woodyard, 86.8 overall grade

G Josh Kline, 85.6 overall grade

Edge Brain Orakpo, 84.8 overall grade

S Kevin Byard, 93.0 overall grade

Performances note:

Lewan: Lewan was in the middle of a pile when Seahawks corner Richard Sherman came in late on Marcus Mariota. But he didn’t get to physical. Instead he used his anger and frustration on used it to dominate the player across from him.

According to PFF QB Marcus Mariota tallied a 56.0 overall grade. Largely in part to Marcus missing out on to many routine passes in the game while struggling to take advantage of great pass protection from his offensive line. But made key plays throughout the game.

Big 12 – Week 4


Week 4 of the College Football season sees Big 12 conference play begin this morning. West Virginia and Kansas kick things off at 11am on ESPNU while Texas Tech face off with a strong out of conference Houston team on ABC/ESPN2 at 11am as well. One of the best matchups this week sees the 16th ranked TCU face off against 6th ranked Oklahoma State on ESPN. Rounding out today’s matchup sees No.3 Oklahoma face a struggling Baylor at 5:30pm on FS1. Kansas State, Iowa State and Texas all have a bye week.


West Virginia at Kansas

Kicking off Big 12 play sees West Virginia travel to Kansas. The Mountaineers will be looking to show why they were ranked 22nd to start the season when they face against a Jayhawk side that has been poor so far and who are 0-2 against MAC this season.


Texas Tech at Houston

Texas Tech remains in state to travel to Houston in what should be a high scoring game. Texas Tech quarterback Nic Shimonek will be key to the Red Raiders’ offense who has been one of the better quarterbacks in the Big 12 this season.


No. 16 TCU at No.6 Oklahoma State

In one of the marquee matchups this weekend TCU travels to Stillwater to face Oklahoma State. Both teams are undefeated thus far and ranked nationally. Oklahoma State has one of the best offenses in the country and are led by Heisman candidate, Mason Rudolph. Meanwhile TCU has faced tougher competition beating out Arkansas two weeks ago. A win for either team will put them in national title discussion.


No. 3 Oklahoma at Baylor

Rounding out Big 12 play today sees 3rd ranked Oklahoma travel to Baylor who is 0-3 this season. In what should be a one sided affair Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield will look to continue his fine form this season as he cements his place as a favorite for the Heisman. While Baylor gets back Terence Williams, who rushed for 1000 yards last season, he will be unlikely to make much of a difference.

I Believe in Nashville

  • Nashville,TN in this upcoming weekend’s matchup the Tennessee Titans take on Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks have a bruised and not too good offense of line. There will be struggles on protecting Russell Wilson this Sunday in Nashville. With it only being the fourth  match up between the Titans and Seahawks it will be a defensive battle . Richard Sherman and the legion of boom will give Marcus Mariota and the high-powered offense their first real challenge. With Corey Davis already ruled out of the game will it be Taywan Taylor or Rishard Matthews, Eric Decker or Derrick Henry that gets the offense moving. Will the Titans be able to score points on Richard Sherman & Company. If the Titans can beat the Seahawks this sunday afternoon, in Nashville, this could be a real statement game. That the Titans are here to play with the big boys of the NFL! A young and talented team has a real chance to step out of the shadow’s.    By Adam PittsScreenshot_2017-09-20-21-13-44-1.png

Keys To The Game: Seahawks vs. Titans

Keys to watch for in this week 3 match-up between the Titans and Seahawks.

  1. Titans defensive front seven vs. Seattle Seahawks offensive line. The Titans front seven on the defense consist of Casey, Jones, Johnson, Morgan, Williamson, Woodyard and Orakpo will be looking to have a breakout game against the Seahawks poor offensive line. Look for Dick Labeau to use stunts and delayed blitzes to confuse the offensive line of the Seahawks. Morgan leads the team with 2 sacks followed by Orakpo and Woodyard with 1 a piece. The Titans defense has allowed 208 rushing yards (15th) and 461 (11th) most in the NFL. The Seahawks offensive line is well known for their poor pass protection of Russel Wilson. Seattle is averaging 158 yards passing per game. (29th) and 110 rushing yards per game (13th) The offensive line has allowed 6 sacks for 40 yards through 2 games.
  2. Titans wide outs and tight ends vs the Seahawks legion of boom. How will Matthews, Walker, Decker, Taylor and maybe Davis if he is good to go fair against Sherman who has been one of the best corners in the NFL since 2012. Kam Chancellor is a feared safety in the middle of the field with his hard hitting ability. Matthews and Walker will have to step up against Sherman, Chancellor and Thomas as the Seahawks has arguably a top 3 secondary thanks to the Legion Of Boom (LOB)
  3. Will the Titans be able to run? The Seahawks are well known for the impressive defense since Pete Carol has arrived. In 2016 the Seahawks finished 6th in the NFL against the run allowing 93 yards per game. But in week 2 last week Carlos Hyde of the 49ers ran for 124 yards on only 15 carries. In week 1 the Titans couldn’t get the run game going. Running only for 95 yards on 21 attempts. With Marcus running for 26 of those 95 yards. The Titans cannot go away from running the football, In week 2 playing Jacksonville the Titans ran 12 times in the 1st half. But ran for 24 in the 2nd half. Large portion was due to them leading in the game.
  4. Turnovers, Can the Titans continue forcing turnovers in week 3 like they did in week 2. The Titans are plus 2 in turnovers thanks to causing 3 turnovers last week in their victory against Jacksonville. Head coach Mike Mularkey said. It’s the difference. You can put a chart that goes back 20 years and it will show you the difference in the outcomes of games based on turnovers.
  5. Titans pressure on Wilson, Russel Wilson has been hit 16 times in just 2 games. And has been sacked 6 more times. That means he’s been hit 22 times on 66 drop backs. Outside Linebacker Derrick Morgan has a sack in each of the first 2 games of the season. Wilson is one of the most elusive quarterbacks in the NFL. He has ran for 74 yards on 14 attempts. The Titans defensive front must maintain good gap control and not over pursue Wilson. That would allow Wilson to climb the pocket and possibly find a running lane to take off. Mularkey went on to say that Wilson has a history of that and we know that.

The future is bright in Tennessee

  1. The Tenneesse Titans have faced there frist AFC South rival and have come out on top.1st half was a Offence struggle as they went in to half time 6-3 with the Jacksonville Jaguars.With both Defense holding there own.When running back Demarco Murray comes out the game with a strained hamstring enters Derrick Henrey and major contributors like Taywan Taylor on offence and Jaylon Brown, Derek Morgan and Byrad this is a preview to all Titans fans of what this team is becoming right before their eyes… by Adam Pitts

Derrius Juice RB, LSU

Running back Juice stands 5’11 210 pounds.  I really like his style as a running back. He is very decisive and reaches top speed very quickly. He has the agility  to make defenders miss in tight quarters and in open field. He has incredible contact balance, which allows him to consistently bounce off of tacklers without falling down. He has the home run speed once he gets into the open field. He busted a 92 yard run against the Arkansas defense. I’d like to see Juice get more chances in the passing game. He has the ability in the open field to make a difference and turn a screen pass or dump off pass for a long run. But you can’t say he isn’t a good route runner or doesn’t have good hands due to the fact LSU isn’t using him a lot in the passing game. He does have to work and get better in pass protection. He needs to bend his knees and sink his weight when protecting vs the pass. He gets to narrow which allows the blitzing defender displace him. Juice isn’t going to be the first running back taken in the up coming draft. That will belong to Barkley of Penn state. He reminds me a bit of LaDainian Tomlinson in his running style. He isn’t as strong or powerful as Fournette was for LSU but he is faster and more elusive. 

Minkah Fitzpatrick CB, Alabama

Minkah Fitzpatrick is a well known corner among NFL scouts. Minkah has been a major contributor to Alabama’s defense. Minkah is a versatile defender who lines up at multiple spots across that Alabama defense. Bama will use him inside, Outside, and even at safety. His position changes with every play depending on what the offense alignment is set at. Defensive back Derwin James is the only other defensive back that does what Minkah Fitzpatrick does and performs at a high level as well. James who is notched in as the best defensive player coming out in 2018. Minkah is a smart football player who is capable of reading the quarterback. Minkah has the ability to locate the ball and attack the ball at it’s high points. His instincts and experience makes him a great fit for a zone scheme. Minkah doesn’t get a lot of playing time in one on one coverage in the defense. NFL teams may look at the fact that Alabama doesn’t ask Minkah to follow the opponent’s top threat or leave him on an island as a negative. When he is in coverage he takes great angles to the ball which leads him to breaking up pass plays or getting the interception. NFL scouts will love how he uses his hands to work off the blocks of wide receivers whose aggressive against the run game. Alabama even uses Minkah Fitzpatrick in punt coverage. He’s a true 4 down player. Fitzpatrick is a great athlete that excels with the mental part of the game. Very versatile defender that impacts the game all over the field who has great ability to create turnovers. 

Kevin Byard will be a household name

FS Kevin Byard was tabbed as our breakout candidate of the year prior to the season. (Photo Credit:

What defensive coordinator has more success with safeties than the legend, Dick Lebeau? He has orchestrated some of the most fearsome defenses in the NFL throughout his coaching career. When a coach with his level of expertise handpicks a prospect, there is a good chance that he will pan out. Dick Lebeau was vocal about Middle Tennessee safety, Kevin Byard. Before the season, we chose him to be our Breakout Candidate of the year.

His rookie campaign was solid, yet unspectacular. With poor cornerback play last season, Byard was left cleaning up broken coverages and holding the last line of defense. The cornerback position has been rehauled since then and two games into this season, he has been very outstanding. He’s great in coverage and active in run support. The former Middle Tennessee standout has already racked up 14 tackles.

Extrapolate those numbers through a 16 game slate, and he would be looking at 112 tackles.  Are those tackle numbers sustainable? Maybe not. But, this week against the Jaguars, Byard played all 67 defensive snaps. He was the only player on the defense to do so. The coaching staff has faith in him, and so does the man who drafted him.

“He’s always had a swagger, but he’s more vocal. He’s kind of the field general back there.”  Titan’s GM Jon Robinson on Kevin Byard’s progression.

Pair his instincts and his high motor together, add in being on the field for the majority of defensive snaps, and you’re going to see Kevin Byard blow up this year. Anything less than top five safety numbers this season, would be an absolute surprise.