Jerome Baker, OLB. OSU Vs. Indiana

Not much production in quarter number 1 for Baker. Baker did get beat in coverage that went for a touchdown. If he turned his head he could’ve located the ball and got his hands up and got his hands on the ball. Almost got beat again late in the first on a wheel route but the QB for Indiana threw a bad ball and hit Baker on his helmet.  That could have been a easy INT if he turns around. Early in the 2nd quarter he came on a blitz and pushed the RG on his butt. Got much lower and exploded up and got great penetration which made the QB hurry the throw. He did okay with playing against the run and the pass. There were times when he got confused on which player to take to cover. But I do believe with time he will learn and develop a little more. I think overall as of now he has to get a little stronger with his hands at the point of attack. He did have a good deflection on a pass that should have been intercepted but a teammate knocked the ball loose..


At the end of the game. Baker ended it with 3 total tackles. With 2 pass deflections. 0 sacks and 0 pressures on the QB. Overall grade: B-

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