Minkah Fitzpatrick CB, Alabama

Minkah Fitzpatrick is a well known corner among NFL scouts. Minkah has been a major contributor to Alabama’s defense. Minkah is a versatile defender who lines up at multiple spots across that Alabama defense. Bama will use him inside, Outside, and even at safety. His position changes with every play depending on what the offense alignment is set at. Defensive back Derwin James is the only other defensive back that does what Minkah Fitzpatrick does and performs at a high level as well. James who is notched in as the best defensive player coming out in 2018. Minkah is a smart football player who is capable of reading the quarterback. Minkah has the ability to locate the ball and attack the ball at it’s high points. His instincts and experience makes him a great fit for a zone scheme. Minkah doesn’t get a lot of playing time in one on one coverage in the defense. NFL teams may look at the fact that Alabama doesn’t ask Minkah to follow the opponent’s top threat or leave him on an island as a negative. When he is in coverage he takes great angles to the ball which leads him to breaking up pass plays or getting the interception. NFL scouts will love how he uses his hands to work off the blocks of wide receivers whose aggressive against the run game. Alabama even uses Minkah Fitzpatrick in punt coverage. He’s a true 4 down player. Fitzpatrick is a great athlete that excels with the mental part of the game. Very versatile defender that impacts the game all over the field who has great ability to create turnovers. 

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