Derrius Juice RB, LSU

Running back Juice stands 5’11 210 pounds.  I really like his style as a running back. He is very decisive and reaches top speed very quickly. He has the agility  to make defenders miss in tight quarters and in open field. He has incredible contact balance, which allows him to consistently bounce off of tacklers without falling down. He has the home run speed once he gets into the open field. He busted a 92 yard run against the Arkansas defense. I’d like to see Juice get more chances in the passing game. He has the ability in the open field to make a difference and turn a screen pass or dump off pass for a long run. But you can’t say he isn’t a good route runner or doesn’t have good hands due to the fact LSU isn’t using him a lot in the passing game. He does have to work and get better in pass protection. He needs to bend his knees and sink his weight when protecting vs the pass. He gets to narrow which allows the blitzing defender displace him. Juice isn’t going to be the first running back taken in the up coming draft. That will belong to Barkley of Penn state. He reminds me a bit of LaDainian Tomlinson in his running style. He isn’t as strong or powerful as Fournette was for LSU but he is faster and more elusive. 

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