I Believe in Nashville

  • Nashville,TN in this upcoming weekend’s matchup the Tennessee Titans take on Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks have a bruised and not too good offense of line. There will be struggles on protecting Russell Wilson this Sunday in Nashville. With it only being the fourth  match up between the Titans and Seahawks it will be a defensive battle . Richard Sherman and the legion of boom will give Marcus Mariota and the high-powered offense their first real challenge. With Corey Davis already ruled out of the game will it be Taywan Taylor or Rishard Matthews, Eric Decker or Derrick Henry that gets the offense moving. Will the Titans be able to score points on Richard Sherman & Company. If the Titans can beat the Seahawks this sunday afternoon, in Nashville, this could be a real statement game. That the Titans are here to play with the big boys of the NFL! A young and talented team has a real chance to step out of the shadow’s.    By Adam PittsScreenshot_2017-09-20-21-13-44-1.png

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