What’s wrong with the SEC

Ever since the SEC started flexing their muscles with seven straight national championships and dominating every team from the other power 5 conferences they’ve gotten cocky, declaring themselves the hands-down best conference in college football. And at one point they were, but right now the SEC may not even be a top 2 power 5 conference. 

After week 4 of the season. The only team that has yet tasted a lost. Has been Alabama and Georgia. Both standing tall at 4-0. 

The SEC still gets top prospects, top athletes, has some of the best stadiums in the nation.  In the AP Power Poll the top 25 holds a total of 6 SEC teams. 1 Alabama, 7 Georgia, Auburn 13, Florida 21, Mississippi State 24, LSU 25. But How many teams truly belong there. Mississippi State gets blown out by Georgia 31-3. Florida had a last second comeback win against Kentucky to win 28-27. LSU did have a hard time vs Syracuse but pulled away to win it 35-26. Alabama clearly won vs Vanderbilt who was 3-0. 59-0. 

I have a strong opinion that if you want your team to be a top ranked team. Rather you’re in college or the NFL. Then you must pay for that coach. For example, Alabama has been a top ranked school for almost a decade. Why? Because they have arguably the greatest college head coach in NCAA history in Nick Saban. And he makes 11 million a year. The 2nd and 3rd highest paid coaches are Jim Harbaugh and Urban Meyer. Both in the big 10. OSU has been in first 2 college football playoffs alongside Alabama. Jim Harbaugh has brought the fire back in Michigan And made them a top school once again. Michigan being 4-0 and OSU being 3-1. With OSU only lost coming from 4-0 and number 3 Oklahoma. The remaining top 10 have 1 ACC school being Florida State coached by Jimbo Fisher. Who will be in the Hall Of Fame. One Big 12 school being Texas which is having trouble at their head coaching job. Then the last 5 are SEC and Big Ten schools. But the SEC schools being Mississippi, Texas A&M and Auburn and Big Ten schools being Penn State and Iowa. Penn State is a top 10 school in the nation and Iowa always challenges top schools like Penn State and OSU. And at the moment Penn State and Iowa would beat Mississippi and Texas A&M. Auburn would be able to make it a game but would still lose to Penn State and possibly Iowa. 

Teams like OSU, Michigan, Penn State are so well coached on all 3 sides of the ball and are all 3 very good at recruiting. The only school that can match them in the SEC is Alabama with Nick Saban. The 2017 recruiting class Bama was 1, OSU was 2nd, Michigan and Penn State came in 5 and 15. In 2016 class Bama was 1 again, OSU was 3rd, with Michigan and Penn State coming in at 8 and 20. 


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