Is It Derrick Henry Time In Tennessee?



As the season is getting closer to it’s last month of regular season games is it time for the Titans to switch it up at running back? Before I start i’d like to say Murray has done very good here in Tennessee, Maybe not in the run game this season. But he has been very dependable in the passing game, Catching the ball out the back field and pass blocking. But he just hasn’t been able to deliver in the run game like last season. Yes the offensive line hasn’t been the same this season, But like in the Thursday prime-time game it is evident that Murray is missing holes that the offensive line has opened up. One big knock on Henry was how would he do in the passing game out of the back field and pass blocking. But this season when called upon Henry has ultimately delivered in all aspects of the game. Last season he managed 110 carries for 490 yards for 5 touchdowns and averaging 4.5 yards an attempt. This season he has 114 carries for 520 yards but only 3 touchdowns ( largely due to them giving Murray the ball inside the 5 ).  Murray only as 452 yards on 129 attempts.

Now you can say Murray has been slowed down by a hamstring injury. But if that’s the case, shouldn’t they be leaning on Henry more then? Some people believe it’s due to his pass protection and Henry not being a threat out of the back field when going out for a pass. Henry has only 10 targets out the backfield, 7 have been caught but he has 3 drops. Murray has been targeted 36 times and has caught 31 passes with 2 drops. So no one can disagree with the fact that Murray even now with him not showing up in the run game is the better receiver out of the backfield. Where it’s very close to being even and doesn’t give Murray that edge is in pass blocking. Murray ( according to ProFootballFocus ) Has a pass blocking efficiency of 95.5 while Henry has a 94.4. But I would argue Henry is the better pass blocker, because Murray has been in on 73 pass blocking snaps, has allowed 1 sack, 1 hit, 2 hurries, for a total of 4 total pressures, Henry has been on 31 pass blocking snaps, has allowed 1 sack, 0 hits, 1 hurries, for a total of 2 total pressures. So who would you rather be the starter, Who would you just like to test Henry for a game or two?


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