Recap: Buffalo Bills narrowly escape Nashville with a win


The Tennessee Titans continued their heartbreaking cycle of pairing an exceptional win with a crushing loss the next week. As Buffalo fans invaded Nashville and turned this bout into a Bills home game,  the Titans didn’t manage to pull off a win.  As usual,  the defense played lights out for three quarters of the game. The offensive woes from weeks 2 and 3 reared their ugly head again, having most of their positive plays negated by stupid penalties or a complete meltdown of the offensive line.  Bills won this 14-7. The seven point lead seemed insurmountable.  However Mariota drove down the field,  and had his go ahead touchdown to tie the game wiped away by a questionable illegal forward pass call. After getting the ball back,  the Bills proceeded to run out the clock.


Harold Landry is off to a hot start,  registering four sacks in five games. He looks bigger and more powerful,  while retaining his speed off the edge.

Derrick Henry looked like his normal wrecking ball self.  He routinely ran through first contact,  and made plenty of the Bills defenders miss.

Byard continued his ballhawking ways,  notching another takeaway off of a Josh Allen pass.


The offensive line was hot garbage,  barely slowing down the nasty Bills pass rush.  Lewan looked a bit out of sorts,  getting acclimated back on the field after his four week suspension. Saffold was beat like a drum on most offensive plays.


Next Week: Denver Broncosa

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