Sleeper: Carlos Henderson WR Scouting Report

OBJ??? No, but check out could be the next OBJ!

carlos henderson 3

Carlos Henderson: Louisiana Tech/ Height: 5’11″/ Weight: 199lbs/40 time: 4.46/ Bench Press(225): 13 reps/ Broad Jump: 131 inch/ 20 yard shuttle: 4.35

OBJ: LSU/ Height: 5’11″/ Weight: 198lbs/ 40 time: 4.43/ Bench press(225): 7 reps/ Broad Jump: 122 inch/20 yard shuttle: 3.94

When you watch film and just say “Wow” it’s usually a great sign for the prospect. When watching Carlos Henderson film I was amazed at how physical he was for a WR. This guy just plays all out and is not satisfied with turning a screen into a four yard gain, he wants to get the first down then run over a poor cornerback and then be forced out of bounds.

After watching his film there was one comparison that came to mind which was OBJ. Both were considered undersized wide-outs coming out who needed to work on the finer aspects of route running. But, we have all seen how OBJ has been doing in his career and I would say his route running has proven to be solid enough. Size is overplayed for receivers as it does help, but with a good quarterback the quickness of receiver’s is often more important to create separation. Henderson showed ability to set up defenders and create separation to catch balls from a below average quarterback. He also showed the ability to take it to the house every single play no matter how many defenders were around him he just has the ability to escape and overpower them. His yard per catch average was amazing each year at Louisiana Tech  2014: 19.6 yds 2015: 21.5 yds 2016: 18.7 yds all of which show how explosive this man is.

Henderson’s game was not all about speed or quickness though he was a smart player continually finding the chains and finding a way to get there. The way Louisiana Tech used him was great as they put him in good match-up situations and he showed the ability to get positive yards from the slot, out wide, running back, and in the return game. In fact he averaged 32.2 yards per kick off return on limited duties. This versatility makes him very dangerous particularly for a team that would use him as the Packer’s used Ty Montgomery. I can’t say it enough he just has rare ability to find space, accelerate, and find the endzone.

carlos henderson 2

One real concern that is relevant is some concentration drops on tight slant plays. He is a hand catcher so I don’t think he will have a drop issue that plagues him throughout his career. The offense he was in at Louisiana Tech is also somewhat concerning considering it was very pass heavy and he caught a lot of screen passes. I say that as if it’s a bad thing, but then I watch what he does after the catch and he just turns nothing into something. Which some say is a result of the competition he was playing, but some if not most of the plays are just amazing at how many guys he takes on. I am a firm believer no matter what the competition if you make 4 to 5 guys miss on one play you have some type of instinctive wiggle that not many have.

If all of his background checks out he is going to be some type of player for a team in the second round. I haven’t heard any rumblings of him in the first, but as a second round guy that could come in and help right away he could excel whether it be in the return game or at receiver. Just how everyone wants to say Deshaun Watson (Clemson) is a gamer and that’s good enough, Carlos Henderson is a GAMER who can take it to the house every play.



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Time to Give Eli Manning his Due?


On August 16th,2011, Eli Manning was asked a simple question.  Unknown to him, it would ignite a debate that still lingers at the watercooler today.  The question was, does Eli consider himself to be in the same class as Tom Brady? His answer was simple, “I consider myself in that class”.  The obvious answer was no, even back in 2011.  Eli is not in the same tier as Tom Brady.  But nor is any other quarterback playing today and even a select few in the leagues history.  But who is Eli Manning, and what does he do?

Elite, GOAT, or HoF

The term elite has now cycled through the mainstream and has morphed into Greatest of All Time, or GOAT for short.  There will never truly be a GOAT because the subject is too subjective.  People hold different statistical categories higher than others.  Statistics like wins, yards, touchdowns and interceptions are the most common.  There are many fans who think championships are the end-all-be-all for a great quarterback. The ring talk is garbage, because it’s a team accomplishment. But, different statistics are can skew to one side side of the argument or another.  If you are worth your salt in football knowledge you should know that Eli is a great quarterback.  People who say Eli sucks are normally bias NFC East fans who can’t see past their own ignorance.  Or they are Patriots fans who are offended Eli made those comments in the first place and went on to prove it by beating their beloved Tom Brady in the Super Bowl for a second time.  Taking everything into consideration, Eli is a Hall of Fame quarterback and here’s why.

Statistically Speaking

As it stands right now, Eli Manning owns every New York Giants passing record in the books.  There are only three Giant quarterbacks in the HOF, and only one was with the Giants more than five years (Tarkenton – 6).  The next closest statistical Giant quarterback is Phil Simms who many believe should enter the hall at some point.  Simms’ ranks top 50 all-time in yards (31st), attempts (32nd), completions (41st) and touchdowns (41st).  Where does Manning rank in these same categories all-time? How about attempts (7th), completions (7th), Yards (8th), touchdowns (7th).  For people who are driven by regular season statistics, then Eli should be a no-brainer for the HOF since he is top ten in every category.  Eli’s not a first ballot guy, those are reserved for once-in-a-lifetime players like Favre, Peyton and Brady.

Wins and Rings

With a regular season record of 108 – 91, Eli averages just 8.3 wins per season but the total makes him 9th all-time.  Wins are a hard statistic to judge because the quarterback only plays on one side of the ball.  For example, in 2015 Eli gave his defense the lead 5 times with two minutes or less in the game and lost each game.  This would have turned a 6-10 season into 11-5 with a division title.  It just so happens the Giants addressed that issue and went 11-5 in the following 2016 season.  Looking at Eli’s career when the defense can’t hold a lead in the final quarter, he orchestrated 30 fourth quarter comebacks and 39 came winning drives which ties him with Brett Favre for 7th all-time.  In 2011 alone Eli had an NFL record seven comebacks and one game winning drive in the regular season.  So, if wins total is the rating of choice or even rings for that matter, Eli should in the conversation. More than one quarter of his wins are from behind and he owns two Super Bowl rings with two Super Bowl MVPs to boot.

So, who is Eli Manning?

Eli Manning is a quarterback that will start all 16 games, throw for over 3700 yards and 25 touchdowns.  He will complete 60% of his passes and throw more than his fair share of interceptions.  A stat that the people in the Eli sucks camp will hang their hat on.  He is currently 21st all-time in career interceptions and it would take Eli averaging 25 interceptions a season for the next 5 seasons to reach #1.  Something his has done only twice in his career.  This would also mean Eli would play until he is 41 years old.  Regardless, Eli will end his career in the top 5 for career interceptions, sandwiched in between names like Brett Favre, George Blanda and Fran Tarkenton.  Giants fans know this and frankly do not care.  Eli is the type of quarterback that can look like complete garbage for one half and a Hall of Fame QB in the second half.  One thing is for certain, he always seems to have the Giants in the game at the end. Eli Manning already has a Hall-of-Fame resume, the numbers, wins and longevity speak for themselves.  No matter what statistical category you hold high, Eli Manning is in conversation for every one of them.



Browns training camp battles: Defensive line

With training camp beginning in earnest in a couple of weeks, I’m going to break down some of the position battles as the team tries to make a leap from a horrendous 1-win season. Today, I’m starting with the defensive line.

At defensive end, shiny new No. 1 pick Myles Garrett will lead the charge on the right side with Emmanuel Ogbah holding down the left side. Jamie Meder is Garrett’s primary backup with second-year player Xavier Cooper also in the mix. On the left side, Desmond Bryant and Carl Nassib will vie for playing time with Ogbah.

Florida DT Caleb Brantley was a pick that stirred some controversy, but Brantley is in the clear after his assault charges were dismissed.

Danny Shelton continues as the starter at nose tackle with rookies Larry Ogunjobi and Caleb Brantley (who looks to stay now that he is not being charged with assault) are vying to unseat him. It’s one of the more interesting camp battles.

Position grade: B-

If he’s healthy, Garrett will be an immediate improvement in the pass rush. I expect all three of the top nose tackle players to get significant playing time this season under defensive coordinator Gregg Williams’ multiple-front scheme. The left side needs to provide a player who can consistently rush the passer. This is a young group with some promise, but nowhere near the threat that other teams have on the defensive line.


Will Eric Decker end up in Nashville?

The New York Jets recently released wide receiver Eric Decker, in what has been a roster purging. Now as a free agent, he can choose where he continues his career. His first stop was in Tennessee, where he spent the day and watched practice with Mike Mularkey and John Robinson. This move makes sense for both parties. He and his wife, country singer Jessie James, have a home in Nashville. The Titans recently used draft picks to bolster a weak wide receiving unit, and added Western Michigan’s Corey Davis and Western Kentucky’s Taywan Taylor. Both picks have been getting very good reviews so far.

Eric Decker would bring a veteran presence to the unit, that Harry Douglas and Tajae Sharpe really can’t provide. While last season was cut short by injury, 2015 was a very good campaign for him. Decker left without a deal, but could see one offered in the coming days. The meeting was basically the Titans just touching bases with the former Jet, to see if he was healthy. If signed, he could give the Titans another reliable option, and could serve as a one way ticket out for the under-performing Harry Douglas or the accused bar brawler Tajae Sharpe.



Garrett injury a bad omen?

1st overall selection Myles Garrett (Photo credit to

Here we go again.

Fans of the Browns franchise have become all too familiar with the early camp injuries to star players. The injury bug decided to bite No. 1 overall pick Myles Garrett on Wednesday.

According to the Associated Press, Garrett injured his left foot late in practice during a two-minute drill. He stayed on the ground while being checked by trainers before going off to the sideline. He stayed on the sideline before practice was cut short due to a lightning warning and was seen limping off the field.

There is no word yet on what the injury might be, the severity of it, or if any medical treatment will be required. But Garrett already was dealing with an injury early in OTAs and, of course, said a high ankle sprain slowed him down last season at Texas A&M.

It’s too soon to hit the panic button on a player expected to help transform the Browns’ pass rush this season. But considering 2000 No. 1 overall pick Courtney Brown had his career severely shortened due to injury, this news is definitely an early cause for concern.

Melvin Ingram Signs A Long Term Deal


Edge rusher Melvin Ingram signs a long term deal. (Photo credit to

Right on time.

The L.A. Chargers seem notorious for off-season contract situations. Last year Joey Bosa, this year is Melvin Ingram. Fortunately these issues don’t seem to linger too long, and eventfully conclude with pen to paper.

The deal is 4 years, 66 Million dollars, averaging $16.5M a year (spotrac) – matches well with other top Edge Rushers in the league, most notably Chandler Jones in AZ. The deal is fair for both parties and here’s why. For the Chargers, edge rushers who are adept at both rushing the QB & setting the edge are few and rare. Melvin is in tremendous shape after yearly body shape-ups, motivated, and at a young 28 years his best football is prospective. For Melvin, he gets to stay with the team that drafted him, build on his progress under renowned defensive coordinator Gus Bradley, and develop into a potential top 3 pass rushing duo alongside Joey Bosa.

That duo, and more so the potential, should not be sold short. Melvin Ingram posted 69 Sacks, Hurries, and Pressures on the QB, good for 4th best among all edge rushers (PFF). Many of those should have been converted into sacks, & there’s reason to believe they will be. The more Bosa progresses, and pushes from up the middle with his active array of pass rushing moves, Melvin should find himself with plenty of one-on-ones. Consider that the Bradley defense encourages rushing the passer, Melvin will post double digit sacks every season moving forward, should he stay healthy.

Every Chargers fan should be overtly excited. Talks of the promise land are arising. Joey Bosa was a rookie & dominated like no other rookie has. I don’t remember a rookie defensive end wrecking shop since Jevon Kearse. Kearse is a distant memory, but Joey is the future. The opponents must adjust to either Ingram or Bosa, whose games of speed & power, respectively, work harmoniously. The two are yin & yang. They’re different with their on-field approach, same in their off-field, & collected will set the standard for this Chargers defense. #BoltUp

2018 Small School Draft Class: Pre-Season Big Board

Top 100

There were so many good prospects, and we were tempted to make it a top 200. If you didn’t make the top 100 on this first go around, it doesn’t mean that you’re not on our radar. Enjoy!


1 Dallas Goedert TE1 South Dakota State
2 Deion Harris CB1 North Dakota
3 Devante Kincade QB1 Grambling State
4 Aaron Stinnie OT1 James Madison
5 Cole Reyes SS1 North Dakota
6 Justin Lea OG1 Jacksonville State
7 Chase Edmonds RB1 Fordham
8 Nate Tanguay DT1 North Dakota State
9 Andrew Vollert TE2 Weber State
10 Darius Jackson DE1 Jacksonville State
11 Randin Crecelius OT2 Portland State
12 Jay-Tee Tiuli DT2 Eastern Washington
13 Ebenezer Ogundeko DE2 Tennessee State
14 Nick DeLuca LB1 North Dakota State
15 Emmanuel Butler WR1 Northern Arizona
16 Raven Greene FS1 James Madison
17 Danny Johnson CB2 Southern
18 Jake Wieneke WR2 South Dakota State
19 Timon Parris OT3 Stony Brook
20 Jaylen Hill CB3 Jacksonville State
21 Anthony Ellis DE3 Charleston Southern
22 Kyle Lauletta QB2 Richmond
23 Martez Carter RB2 Grambling State
24 AJ Bolden OG2 James Madison
25 Bryan Schor QB3 James Madison
26 Ben Huss OG3 Duquesne
27 Abdullah Anderson DT3 Bucknell
28 Brandon Parker OT4 North Carolina A&T
29 Troy Pelletier WR3 Lehigh
30 Mack Weaver DE4 Eastern Illinois
31 Jeremiah Briscoe QB4 Sam Houston State
32 P.J Hall DE5 Sam Houston State
33 Hunter Wells QB5 Youngstown State
34 Daquan Blake OG4 North Carolina A&T
35 Jonathan Kloosterman TE3 James Madison
36 Nzuzi Webster CB4 Eastern Washington
37 Ingram Tillard OT5 Murray State
38 Gatlin Casey WR4 Lehigh
39 Greg Menard DE6 North Dakota State
40 Sam Hardy OG5 Sam Houston State
41 Marcus Martin DE7 Slippery Rock
42 Brett Taylor LB2 Western Illinois
43 Chad Meredith LB3 SEMO
44 Timothy Gardner OT6 Alcorn State
45 Rob Rolle SS2 Villanova
46 Brendan Coniker FS2 Richmond
47 Darius Leonard LB4 South Carolina State
48 Ross Dwelley TE4 San Diego
49 Andrew Ankrah LB5 James Madison
50 Alejandro Bennifield QB6 Chattanooga
51 Antonio Brown DE8 North Carolina Central
52 Trent Scott OT7 Grambling State
53 Tyshon Mosley OG6 Portland State
54 Ja’Quan Gardner RB3 Humboldt State
55 Alex Cappa OT8 Humboldt State
56 Roc Thomas RB4 Jacksonville State
57 Justin Chaney TE5 Howard
58 Tavierre Thomas CB5 Ferris State
59 Omari Williams CB6 Samford
60 Kellen Soulek DT4 South Dakota State
61 Justin Evans OG7 South Carolina State
62 James Okike WR5 Wesley
63 Marcus Loud DE9 Sam Houston State
64 Allan Cratsenberg LB6 VMI
65 Garrett Hudson TE6 Richmond
66 Alex Light OT9 Richmond
67 Luke Hrapchak LB7 Cal (Pa)
68 Tyler Foreman FS3 Portland State
69 Jose Duncan DE10 Rhode Island
70 Luis Perez QB7 Texas A&M Commerce
71 Donovan Wheaton OG8 Prairie View
72 Carlo Thomas FS4 Johnson C. Smith
73 Anthony Philyaw RB5 Hampton
74 Jake Sisson QB8 Edinboro
75 Charles Bell LB8 Delaware
76 Alex Caratelli WR6 Edinboro
77 Cardell Best DE11 Central Arkansas
78 Alec Kocour SS3 Illinois State
79 Jamil Demby OT10 Maine
80 Julius Jones WR7 North Alabama
81 Joe Protheroe RB6 Cal Poly
82 Erik Furmanek TE7 Missouri State
83 George Dawson LB9 Fordham
84 Damon Gibson WR8 MSU Morhead
85 Kevin Anderson QB9 Fordham
86 Joe Kupcikevicius OT11 Azusa Pacific
87 Marcus Bagley RB7 St. Francis
88 Chris Durant OG10 William & Mary
89 James King DT5 Shepherd
90 Jordan Hein QB10 Bemidji State
91 Jordan Baskerville DE12 Wagner
92 Bakari Triggs CB7 Lindenwood
93 David Reese OT12 Montana
94 Koree Reed WR9 Hartwick
95 Darious Crawley WR10 McNeese
96 Darin Peart CB8 Stony Brook
97 Connor Strahm LB10 Montana
98 Zane Cruz LB11 Charleston Southern
99 Ray Clark FS5 San Diego
100 Taylor Nikithser OG11 Cal (PA)

The Tyrant Ten: Pre-Season power rankings in the FCS

 Pre-Season Top 10 Power Rankings

Gold denotes Tyrant Scouting Pre-Season All Americans: 1st Team

Blue denotes Tyrant Scouting Pre-Season All Americans: 2nd Team

James Madison QB Bryan Schor passed for 3,002 yards and 29 touchdowns last season.

1.  James Madison (14-1)

Key Returning Players

QB Bryan Schor

LT Aaron Stinnie

S Raven Greene

LG A.J Bolden

LB Andrew Ankrah

RB Trai Sharp



James Madison capped off a very successful season with a win in Frisco against Youngstown State. The nucleus of this team has returned. The Dukes lost Mitchell Kirsch and Matt Frank on the offensive line, but return Aaron Stinnie, Aj Bolden and Tyree Chavious. They also return one of the most important pieces in signal caller Bryan Schor, who passed for 3,002 and 29 touchdowns.  Don’t sleep on the defense either. Safety Raven Greene had 6 interceptions last year. Also, cornerback Jimmy Moreland had 2 interceptions, but was second on the team with pass breakups (9). Look for James Madison to come out of the gate hot, and keep that momentum into another deep playoff run.



DT Nate Tanguay will be returning for his Senior campaign, and will be trying to guide his team back to another National Championship.

2. North Dakota State (12-2)

Key Returning Players

DT Nate Tanguay

LB Nick DeLuca

DE Greg Menard

QB Easton Stick

FS Tre Dempsey



No surprises here, as North Dakota State ranks at the top of our list. An already formidable defense returns their leader, middle linebacker Nick DeLuca. He was granted a fifth year, and looks to rebound from last year’s injuries. A very tough defensive line will be the catalyst for this team, and no quarterback in the FCS should feel comfortable. Defensive end Greg Menard had 11 sacks last season, and 15.5 tackles for a loss. Caleb Butler also chipped in 5 sacks. Easton Stick will have another year to fine tune his control of the offense, and as usual, the Bison will lean heavily on the run game.




Our top rated FCS prospect, TE Dallas Goedert will be a focal point for South Dakota State’s offense.

3. South Dakota State (9-4)

Key Returning Players

TE Dallas Goedert

WR Jake Wieneke

QB Taryn Christion

DT Kellen Soulek



South Dakota State boasts one of the scariest offenses in the FCS, and will look to ride NFL prospects Dallas Goedert and Jake Wieneke to a championship. TE Dallas Goedert is an exceptional talent, and had 1,293 receiving yards and 11 touchdowns. Meanwhile, Wieneke had a ridiculous 16 touchdowns. Quarterback Taryn Christion returns as well, after racking up 3,714 yards and 30 touchdowns last season. This trio will spearhead any playoff run.




Senior Safety Cole Reyes (8) looks to get North Dakota back to the playoffs.

4. North Dakota (9-3)

Key Returning Players

S Cole Reyes

CB Deion Harris

QB Keaton Strudsrud

RB John Santiago



North Dakota will look to build on last year’s success, which saw them reach their first ever playoff berth. They have a fierce secondary, led by Deion Harris and Cole Reyes. Harris had 5 interceptions last season and Reyes had 3.  North Dakota’s offense leans heavily on an option style running game, and signal caller Keaton Strudsrud is very efficient managing it. RB John Santiago had 1,030 yards and 7 touchdowns, while his partner in crime Brady Olivera had 919 yards and 10 touchdowns.




Eastern Washington DT Jay-Tee Tiuli is another prospect generating some NFL buzz.


5. Eastern Washington (12-2)

Key Players Returning

DT Jay-Tee Tiuli

QB Gage Gabrud

CB Nzuzi Webster

C Spencer Blackburn



Eastern Washington’s nasty passing attack took a hit during this off-season, they lost wide receivers Cooper Kupp, Shaq Hill, and Kendrick Bourne. The man who orchestrated it all, head coach Beau Baldwin, left Eastern Washington for an offensive coordinator job at the University of California at Berkeley. He was replaced by former offensive line coach, Aaron Best, who has over twenty years with the program.

“I’ve taken a few notes about how to throw the football forward, so we’re not going to put our hands in the dirt and become a wishbone triple-option team.”

Aaron Best -HC Eastern Washington

The Eagles return a very talented quarterback in Gage Gabrud, who passed for 5,160 yards and 48 touchdowns. While the scheme looks to change a bit, Gabrud’s arm should remain the offensive centerpiece.



Sam Houston State QB, Jeremiah Briscoe, had an eye popping 57 touchdowns last season.

6. Sam Houston State (12-1)

Key Returning Players

QB Jeremiah Briscoe

DE P.J Hall

WR Yedidiah Louis

OG Sam Hardy

RB Corey Avery



A very dynamic offense powers this team, and it goes through quarterback Jeremiah Briscoe. Last year, he set the world of fire with 4,602 yards and 57 touchdowns. Star defensive end, P.J Hall, will be a key cog in a defensive unit looking to improve on last season.




Richmond’s senior quarterback looks to bounce back from an injury that cut his season short.

7. Richmond (10-4)

Key Returning Players

QB Kyle Lauletta

S Brendan Coniker

OT Alex Light

WR Jarmal Bevels

TE Garrett Hudson



Richmond’s success this season will be riding on the health of star quarterback Kyle Lauletta. Before injury derailed his season, Lauletta had compiled 3,022 yards and 24 touchdowns. With the departure of star wideout Brian Brown, expect more targets to go to wide receivers Jarmal Bevels and Tyler Wilkins. Garrett Hudson should help fill the void as well. Safety Brendan Coniker also returns, he posted 94 tackles last season (ranked 2nd on the team) and 2 interceptions.




Jacksonville State Safety Marlon Bridges (43)

8. Jacksonville State (10-2)

Key Returning Players

OG Justin Lea

DE Darius Jackson

RB Roc Thomas

CB Jaylen Hill 

S Marlon Bridges


Eli Jenkins is gone now, and Jacksonville State will look to replace last year’s leading passer and rusher. His backup last year, Bryant Horn will be first in line to fill the void. Former Auburn back Roc Thomas will look to shoulder more of the rushing load this season, behind a very good offensive line that includes standouts Justin Lea and Dylan Cline. The defense will be the spark for the team, and includes defensive end Darius Jackson, cornerback Jaylen Hill, and safety Marlon Bridges. Jackson had a team high 10 sacks last season. Hill and Bridges had 10 interception between the two of them.




James Conner, Rob Rolle
Villanova Safety Rob Rolle (4) goes for a tackle on current Pittsburgh Steeler James Conner.

9. Villannova (9-4)

Key Returning Players

S Rob Rolle

RB Aaron Forbes

TE Ryan Bell

LB Ed Shockley

QB Zach Bednarczyk



Zach Bednarczyk and Aaron Forbes will guide the offense in the upcoming season. Bednarczyk passed for 2,158 yards and 19 touchdowns, and added another 539 rushing yards on the ground. TE Ryan Bell chipped in 434 receiving yards and 7 touchdowns. Ballhawking safety Rob Rolle returns to lead the defense in 2017, he had 7 interceptions last season and returned one for a touchdown. Linebacker Ed Shockley was tied for a team high 86 tackles last season.




Lehigh QB Brad Mayes takes over a very potent passing attack.

10. Lehigh (9-3)

Key Returning Players

WR Troy Pelletier

WR Gatlin Casey

QB Brad Mayes

RB Dominick Bragalone

S Sam McCloskey



The high octane Lehigh passing attack shouldn’t miss a beat this year, as quarterback Brad Mayes replaces Nick Shafnisky. Lehigh will still chuck the ball around, and star wideouts Troy Pelletier and Gatlin Casey will be hard to stop. They combined for 26 touchdowns last season, and will be looking to build on that. RB Dominick Bragalone keeps defenses honest, and had 1,192 and 14 touchdowns. Safety Sam McCloskey returns and will be assuming more of a leadership role this season.






SIGNING: The 49ers have agreed to terms with veteran linebacker Elvis Dumervil. Dumervil recently spent four years with the Ravens before being cut from the team this offseason. This move was announced by new general manger John Lynch. The terms of the contract have not been released yet, but it is believed to be a two year deal. Dumervil took to Twitter following the news breaking. ” After much thought and prayer I have decided to join the 49ers! I’m looking forward to getting to know the NFC West QBs! See ya soon SF.” Dumervil made the Pro Bowl back in 2014 and 2015. He is a good experienced player who brings veteran leadership to a young 49ers team. This is another wise move I Believe GM John Lynch has made. Many were skeptical of him becoming the GM, but I believe 49er fans should be excited what he is putting together in San Francisco.
SIGNING: It looks like the Seahawks have given up on signing Colin Kaepernick as the backup to Russell Wilson. They have signed quarterback Austin Davis to a deal. Albert Breer of MMQB reported the deal is one year $775,000. Davis has not played in a NFL game since 2015. He recently spent time with the Broncos, but never saw the field. Throughout his years in the NFL the 28 year old Has 13 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. Back to Kaepernick him and the Seahawks were on a verge of a deal, but they could not get the money right. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said ” he is a starter in this league”. I’m a bit surprised a deal could not come through with them. Kaepernick will continue to look for a new home. As for Davis he will compete with Trevone Boykin for the backup role.
OFF FIELD ISSUE: The off field issue to discus involves a couple Jet players. A video has surfaced of defensive player Leonard Williams holding back fellow team Darron Lee from a argument with a girl. According to reports Lee was harassing and becoming physical with a woman. Before things got out of hand Williams stepped in and picked up Lee and carried him away. This was all happening at a music festival. Lee apparently threatened Williams to let  him go. Williams than picked Lee back up after he tried to push his way through to go back to the girl. Nothing has been confirmed yet , but here is what I have to say about this situation. Lee has to grow up, and Williams Showed true maturity. The Jets should be proud of Williams as this action is a type of action that will mold him into a team leader.
CUT: The Jets have made another questionable move. ESPN Adam Schefter reported the Jets have released 10 year veteran linebacker David Harris. This move was really surprising to everyone. Harris was not even expecting to be cut. Another reason this is confusing. The Jets are a young team. A veteran like Harris is what they need to lead and be a teacher to the younger players. Jets apparently though have different plans. Harris is a well respected player. He does his job, and when the whistle blows he is done. He is a clean player, and he is also a good leader to younger guys. This move will save the Jets 6.5 million dollars. Harris is in a tough spot now with the offseason winding down. Teams still need linebackers, but he will have to learn new schemes so it may be a little difficult for him. Harris may have a hard time finding a team now , but we will see how that develops. Retirement may also be a option.

Chargers first round pick Mike Williams may miss rest off offseason activities with a disc injury in his back.
Rex and Rob Ryan were involved in a bar fight against a unknown man.
Lions OT Taylor Decker could miss beginning of season with a shoulder injury.
The Jets have alerted receiver Eric Decker that he will be released or traded by the end of the week.

Cincinnati Bengals Post draft analysis: Offensive Line

Bodine looks to be a leader on an offensive line depleted by Free Agency. (Photo credit to

The Bengals opened eyes around the league during the 2017 draft going with speedster WR John Ross, Washington in the 1st round and knockout specialist RB Joe Mixon, Oklahoma in the 2nd round. These picks, while exciting, failed to address a glaring need that is the offensive line. It will prove difficult to get our playmakers “the damn ball” without adequate and capable blocking for the runningbacks and Andy Dalton.

The Bengals only utilized one draft pick in the 5th round, JJ Dielman out of Utah. An area that needed the most help, gets nearly none in the 2017 draft.

Of the five current projected starters, only two have over 15 career starts, Russell Bodine and Clint Boling. The bench does have experience though with Andre Smith returning to the team after a season with the Vikings and Eric Winston, who is a rotational player.

The Offensive Line took a major hit in free agency when both LT Andrew Whitworth and RG Keving Zeitler chose to pursue other options.

Whitworth, a 3-time pro bowler, was the heart and soul of the OL unit. He was a class act on and off the field. It will be nearly impossible to replace what Whitworth meant to this team. It is believed the Bengals decided to move on from him to give the young guys a chance to start. It’s a decision they will most likely regret due to Zeitler also leaving via free agency.

Zeitler was a different story. The Bengals believed they could afford and wanted to re-sign him. The issue was the Cleveland Browns backed up the Brinks truck to Zeitler’s front door with a 5-year/$60 million deal the Bengals could not match.

The Bengals would have pursued Whitworth more, if they had known Zeitler would be leaving.


The outcome:

Whitworth agreed to a 3-year/$36 million deal with the Los Angeles Rams and the Bengals are now without their best two Offensive Lineman from last year.


With the 53rd overall pick in 2015, the Bengals selected Jake Fisher out of Oregon.

This years options:

We will start at Offensive Tackle, where I believe will become the biggest cause for concern throughout the course of the season.


Left Tackle

Jake Fisher

A 3rd-year, 2nd-round selection out of Oregon is currently penciled in to fill the void left by Whitworth. Fisher only has 4 career starts under his belt in two years of service. Fisher will be expected to provide much needed blindside protection from the get go to Dalton. I believe Fisher will actually turn out to be a bright spot on this young OL, but it will take some time for him to get going.

Andre Smith

A 9th-year player out of Alabama is situated to provide a backup role, but could be used more if the young guys slips up early. Smith spent a year with the Vikings before returning to the Bengals this season. It was a year to forget as Smith gave up 2.5 sacks in just 4 games played before landing on the Injured Reserve. Look for Smith to have serious playing time by mid season due to poor performance from one of the starters.


Right Tackle

Cedric Ogbuehi

A 3rd-year, 1st-round selection out of Texas A&M is back in line for a starting spot on the right side this year after being benched towards the end of the season last year due to poor performance. Ogbuehi gave up 7.5 sacks and 40 total QB pressures in 12 starts before being benched for Fisher. Ogbuehi has been disappointing and this position worries me the most on an Offensive Line that has many worries. I look for Smith to replace Ogbuehi as the starting RT by mid season.

Eric Winston

The 12-year veteran, players union president, is a quality bench filler. Winston has not performed well enough when given extensive playing time, but can be efficient enough to fill in for a game or two while a starter is out with an injury. Look for Winston to fill the same role this season unless one of the undrafted FA’s impresses enough to put his job in jeopardy.

The Offensive Guard position has one spot solidified, but questions remain about the overall depth of the position.

Former Georgia standout, Clint Boling, will also be a part of the veteran leadership that looks to hold this young offensive line together.

Left Guard

Clint Boling

A 7th year guard with 77 starts under his belt. Boling is the most steady member of the 2017 OL unit. Boling is not flashy, but continues to get the job done well enough. Boling did give up 5 sacks last year, but he should rebound this year to become the leader of this Offensive Line.

Trey Hopkins

A 3rd year backup, with 1 game of experience, who will need to fight to make the roster.

Right Guard

Christian Westerman

Westerman is a 2nd year guard out of Arizona State. The Bengals may choose to move Smith to Guard if Westerman is not ready yet. He only had one game of experience last year. He will need to show he is ready for a full-time gig.

Alex Redmond

Another 2nd year guy, that spent last season on the practice squad. He will most likely wind up back on the practice squad this year.


Russell Bodine

A 4th year starter out of UNC, Bodine has not missed a start since entering the league. That does not mean he has played well for all of those starts. He struggled more than usual last year giving up 4.5 sacks. Bodine will need to better as the Bengals drafted a Center, JJ Dielman, in the 5th round of this years draft.

JJ Dielman

Dielman is a rookie from Utah, he was selected in the 5th round. He will push Bodine for playing all year.

TJ Johnson

A 4th year backup with only 1 career start, he will need to improve to secure a roster spot.

Undrafted Free Agency signees

-Landon Lechler, OT, North Dakota State. I believe the 6’8” Lechler has a strong chance to make the team out of training camp. A good training camp for Lechler could push underwhelming starters, Fisher and Ogbuehi for playing time.

-Dustin Stanton, OG, Oregon State

-Kent Perkins, OT, Texas.

Overall, the Cincinnati Bengals will be an improved team in 2017, but the Offensive Line unit will need to be much better than expected if this team has any plans, other than vacation, come playoff time.


-Jim Watkins

Are the Browns in trouble at WR already?


Cleveland Browns WR Corey Coleman (Photo credit to

Organized team activities aren’t even over yet and there already is a lingering cloud over a position group for the Browns: wide receiver.

Second-year player Corey Coleman, who the team is counting on to be its No. 1 wide receiver this season, will likely be out until the start of training camp after reportedly falling over a football and injuring a hamstring.

Coleman, of course, missed a good chunk of his rookie season last year due to injury, and showed only flashes at the end of a miserable 1-15 campaign. He certainly didn’t live up to his first-round billing. If any player on the team needed as much work as possible this summer, it was Coleman.

After releasing veteran Andrew Hawkins and letting quarterback-turned-wide receiver Terrelle Pryor leave in free agency, the Browns are curiously thin at a position that could help its group of also unproven quarterbacks. They signed Kenny Britt in free agency to replace Pryor. However, they did not draft a receiver, leaving Coleman and other second-year players Rashard Higgins, Ricardo Louis and Jordan Payton to fill the void. There is a possibility one or a couple of these players will make a leap in their second year. But none managed to impress last season when given an opportunity.

If Coleman can’t get healthy, and soon, the Browns might have a major problem on their hands when the season starts in September. After all, it’s very unlikely suspended Josh Gordon will be walking through that door, either.