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Scouting Report On Vita Vea, NT/DE From Washington.



At 6-foot-5 and 340 pounds (school measurements), Vea has the size and strength to dominate as a nose tackle, But he has the agility and quickness to play outside at defensive end (DE) in a 3-4 scheme.  According to CFB 24/7, Vea is rated number 5 on the list of college defenders that are most likely to become NFL stars. Vea is ranked top 10 in both pass rush and run stopping percentage according to Pro Football Focus (PFF) 

Some stats for Vea going into his last game of his Junior season vs Penn State, 93 total tackles, 15 tackles for loss, 9.5 sacks, 5 pass deflections, and 2 forced fumbles.

Vea projects to the NFL as a nose tackle who can be extremely strong at the point of attack. Vea uses his size with strength to eat up blockers. For as big as Vea is he has a quick burst off the snap, The combination of his size, power along with quickness is to much for smaller interior offensive lineman. But he is at his best when he bull rushes and using his strength with power to push back and through blockers to get to the quarterback or get to the ball carrier behind the line or at the line of scrimmage. I also like his motor, he doesn’t give up on plays even when they go away from him.

In the run game, Vea tends to sometimes get caught standing up too high. Which allows the guards to get under him pushing him back. Vea is a very good run defender but he isn’t a dominant one due to him getting caught standing too high. I’m very sure at the next level his coaches will teach to stay low at the point of attack.

In the game against Stanford Vea was doubled team constantly, And when he wasn’t he was in on the play almost every time. And even when doubled team he would be in on the play. It wouldn’t surprise me if at the combine Vea will bench press 225 pounds 35 to 40 times. Scouts were thinking Vea would come out last year and raved and loved his play and said he would’ve been a first round pick in last years draft. I have no doubt Vea will be drafted in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft.


Titans looking at Veta Via? Draft Stock On The Rise

Nose tackles are not typically graded as a first round player, Mainly cause nose tackles aren’t viewed as players that contribute to the pass rush. But some team sources say that Vea could be a pick in the back half of Round 1 in the 2018 NFL Draft. Why? Vea’s play this season will help his chances of being a first-round pick. He has shown the ability to contribute some in the pass rush while being big, strong, and having a burst at the point of attack. Vea whose 6-5, 340 pounds is very reminiscent of Danny Shelton who also came from Washington, and Shelton ended up going as a top-20 pick in the draft several years back. That was a bit of a reach by Cleveland, but Vea could end up going in the 20s during the 2018 NFL Draft. Vea has 61 career pressures on 480 rushes, showing that he can collapse the pocket in must-pass situations. In 2017 Vea has 88.9 overall grade currently ranks fourth among interior defensive linemen in the nation.vea



Roquan Smith Scouting Report. 11/1/2017

Georgia inside linebacker Roquan Smith (3)
(Photo by Jim Hipple)

Name: Roquan Smith  
Games Watched: Notre Dame, Tennessee, Florida
Physical Grade/Body Composition:
 My physical grade on Smith is a B at the moment. Body Composition reminds me a lot of Myles Jack from UCLA. 6’1 and 225 pounds. 
Tackling/Hit Power Analysis:
 Smith’s tackling is second to none. According to Pro Football Focus, Smith has 133 run snaps, He has 29 tackles from running the ball. 5 assists, But where he is second to none is due to his 0 missed tackles. he has 21 run stops (at or behind the line of scrimmage) That gives Smith a run stop percentage of 15.8 percent. In the passing game, Smith has 176 snaps. Again with no missed tackles on. Roguan Smith will come up and hit you. He doesn’t have great power like a Foster did when coming out of Alabama last season. But he will hit you and isn’t afraid of contact. 
Instincts/Play Recoginition Analysis:
 Very well rounded, Can read run plays, attacks the ball carrier with the right angles, diagnosis plays in time to get his team in the right scheme, Sideline to sideline speed when chasing down the ball carrier, understands to force the runner back inside where his help is. Smith breaks down the play as it is happening very well and is able to make himself skinny through the hole when trying to make a tackle. 
Scheme Fit:
 3-4 inside linebacker. 
Career Overview and Summary:

176 total tackles, 8 for loss, 1 sack, 2 pass deflections, 3 force fumbles and 1 fumble recovery.  

Smith isn’t the type of player that will come in and knock you out, But Smith is a very sure tackler. Once he gets his hands on you he is making the tackle. He does need a little more experience in the passing game but he has done well against the pass. I like how Smith is able to disengage the blocker and get in on tackles. He is at his best when playing the run. I’d like to see him gain a little more weight. But Myles Jack is doing just fine and they are the same size. In the run game, Smith has a good feel for finding the ball and avoiding blockers while doing a fine job of keeping the ball in front of him in coverage. Smith’s production is difficult to ignore when projecting him to the next level, and his presence in the middle is a huge reason for Georgia’s early-season domination. Pro Football Focus (PFF) has the Georgia junior ranked eighth among all linebackers in the country.

Projected Round: Middle 1st to early 2nd. (But has the ability to solidify himself as a 1st rounder as the year progress) 

2018 Draft Stock Up

Florida Gator DT Taven Bryan: Bryan was amazing against Texas A&M. He looked like a top 15-20 pick, using speed to fire by offensive lineman and his power to shed blocks. In the third quarter, Bryan killed a series for the Aggies. Texas A&M tackled him around the neck to prevent a sack, and that drew a holding penalty that wiped out a 40-yard gain. Bryan blew up the next rushing play. Then, he beat a double team from the guard and tackle, firing between them and using strength to achieve the third-down sack. Shortly later, Bryan added another sack on a third-and-goal to force a field goal. Against Texas A&M, he had seven tackles with 1.5 sacks. Bryan has 20 tackles with four tackles for a loss and three sacks this season. The announcers that game were comparing Bryan with the likes of JJ Watt, But one director of scouting has said he reminds him of Bronce DE Derek Wolfe. ( Who has had a successful career. Bryan can play both DE and DT. But is probably better suite as the five technique.

D.J Clark WR, LSU Tigers: LSU pulled off a huge comeback against Auburn, during which Chark was the star producer. It didn’t start well for Chark as he had a painful mistake. In the first quarter, Auburn cornerback Carlton Davis released Chark running deep down the field, which let Chark get open for a long reception. Davis got lucky that his safety forced a fumble that Davis recovered. After that play, Chark overwhelmed Auburn, starting with Chark spinning after the catch to get down the sideline for 39 yards. Late in the third quarter, Chark made a nice catch downfield for about 20 yards, working back to the ball and securing a leaping grab. In the fourth quarter, Chark came up with a huge play as he took a punt return 75 yards for a touchdown to cut Auburn’s lead to 23-21. Shortly later, Chark came up with a huge reception, getting late separation and having the ball fall into him, for a gain of about 40 yards. Chark totaled five receptions for 150 yards versus Auburn. Overall, this tape will help Chark as he showed the speed to separate and make big plays. He also ran some nice routes with impressive ability to get late separation to make receptions


Clelin Ferrell DE Clemson: Clemson has a defensive line that is comprised of future first-round picks, and some sources think that Ferrell creates some of the big plays for the other Tigers defensive linemen. The 6-foot-5, 250-pounder has superb speed with athleticism and the ability bend around the corner. On the season, Ferrell has 30 tackles with 7.5 tackles for a loss, 5.5 sacks, one pass batted and one forced fumble. Fellow defensive end Austin Bryant is playing himself into being an early-rounder this year, but Ferrell has done well cleaning up a lot of scrambling quarterbacks running away from Bryant

Maurice Hurst DE Michigan: Hurst had a phenomenal game against Michigan State, dominating at the point of attack. All night, he caused major disruption using a tremendous get-off to fire into the backfield. Hurst wrecked plays from start to finish and led the way for Michigan’s defense to hold the Spartans to 14 points despite the Wolverines’ offense turning the ball over five times. Hurst destroyed a fourth-and-2 play in the fourth quarter to get the ball back for his offense. He showed superb first-step quickness, constantly firing his gap and getting into the backfield. Hurst was so fast off the snap that he was breaking into the backfield while offensive linemen were still getting out of their stances. Against the Spartans, Hurst totaled eight tackles with 2.5 for a loss. This season, he has 29 tackles, 6 for loss, .5 sacks, and 1 forced fumble. 

Deshaun Watson: Scouting Report

The QB crop in the 2017 class has as much debate as any position in the draft, which is particularly rare for the QB class. Often by this point in the process there is a confirmed number one and everyone knows who will be the first QB off the board. This year is different in that Mitch Trubisky (UNC) only has one year of film which leaves questions ask to his real skills and value. Deshone Kizer (ND) showed promise only to benched in season and most recently called out by his coach. Patrick Mahomes (TTU) shows good potential, but his transition will be difficult coming from an air raid offense that does not focus on the minute aspects of playing the quarterback position. As you can see each one has their flaws and now we’ll discuss another top option Deshaun Watson QB (Clemson).

Watson has proven to be a gamer playing great in big games and coming away from the 2016-2017 season with a National Championship. Watson plays with an edge and looks as if he provides the necessary leadership to lead a team of grown men. When thinking of the modern NFL Watson looks to have the tools athleticism, leadership, and arm talent (kinda). Let’s dig in more.

Watson showed his ability to throw with touch to all levels of the field particularly over the middle of the field. However, when he throws the long ball he is very inconsistent missing long and short. When a quarterback misses long and short it is worrisome due to the inaccuracy that is being shown to control the ball at all. There were several times when a receiver would be running wide open downfield and the throw would be nowhere near the receiver not even giving him a chance. In the NFL missing long ball throws will only make the field more condensed and daring him to throw long even more. Watson does throw with good anticipation on short to intermediate routes which is due to his somewhat average arm strength. When looking to drive throws he can become inaccurate and the ball begins to wobble, which could become worrisome in adverse weather (Stay away Browns).

When he is in the pocket he does a good job of standing tall and working through the limited reads he had. Pressure in the pocket did not have a tremendous impact on his throws as he often looked to escape and was able to get outside the pocket, while keeping eyes downfield still looking to throw. Plays after pressure did look as if it made him flee the pocket rather quickly, with no pressure in sight. In the NFL I would assume whoever picks him look to move the pocket and give him half field reads while also looking to exploit his athleticism. When he does run he shows the athlete he is, although he does take big hits that will injure him if he doesn’t learn how to slide. Him being an intelligent player I’m sure he will get the memo on sliding in one of his first practices.

Mentally Watson is said to be a student of the game so he should be able to comprehend a NFL playbook. His awareness has to get better as he did throw 17 interceptions last season and several of the throws were right to the defenders. He just flat-out misses defenders sometimes which can be attributed to a fairly simple offense with many keys for the defense and his lack of reading the defense post snap. With film room work this could be eliminated, and a good QB coach to speed up his mental process post snap.

As for his NFL projection I believe it will take some time and would be better off coming in mid-season in first year or starting his second year. He is a GAMER and some team will love that enough to take him first round, but he would be best off in a Dak Prescott situation with a strong team around him as he will not carry a team right off the bat. If he can improve upon his accuracy which is definitely possible he could develop into a very good starting quarterback that provides passion and leadership to a team while making throws he’s supposed to make and limiting his mistakes. As a somewhat similar comparison think Alex Smith but more athletic and actually wins and plays good in big games. Think of Alex Smith struggles with inaccuracy in early stages of career. Should go round 1 late first 2nd or 3rd QB off the board.

Why Michigan S Jabrill Peppers is the most valuable prospect in the 2017 NFL Draft


Now I know what you’re thinking, and no. This is not a joke.  Jabrill Peppers is the most physically talented player I’ve seen in a while. He is the epitome of swiss army knife and can play a multitude of positions. Today we are going to finally address one of the most controversial things ever posted on my twitter account.

There is no doubt guys like Myles Garrett, Johnathan Allen, Leonard Fournette, and so many others are great players. But what does Peppers have that these guys don’t? Utility and versatility. Sure, Christian McCaffrey can play running back, slot receiver, kick returner, and punt returner. But Jabrill Peppers brings another world of versatility that I don’t think we’ve ever seen in a prospect before. He was the first player to ever attend two different positional days at the combine, and he has the capability of playing a total of 14 positions on a football field, all being at a high level. The more positions one can play (really well,) the more value one adds to a football team. Yes, you can draft a player who is dominant at one position, but why not draft a player with the ability to dominate many positions? Today we are going to look at every position Peppers is capable of playing, with supporting clips.

Free Safety and Strong Safety 

The most obvious position for Jabrill Peppers to most teams (30, according to Peppers,) is either safety position. Not all safeties can be used interchangeably, but Peppers can play either or. He has the speed, agility, and fluidity to play center fielding free safety, and he has tons of experience playing in the box and blitzing, like most great strong safeties. He is one of the best tackling safeties in the draft as well. He could use some work in pass coverage, but that isn’t to say he is bad at it. He just didn’t cover very often. He played a lot of snaps in the box or blitzing the edge, which limits interception count. For instance, Peppers played 70% of defensive snaps in the box against Penn State in 2016. The combine showed he has fluid hips and recovery speed one would look for in a safety, and may need to be coached a little in coverage due to lack of exposure in college, but will pay off.

He can blitz very well with his immense speed, and consistently rushes QB’s throws:

Jabrill Blitz S

He has also shown the capability of pass coverage with the very limited snaps not in the box, showing he can cover tight ends.

Jabrill S Coverage
And he also shows concentration and ball skills to pull in his only interception.

Jabrill S INT.gif

Some of his other huge strengths are run support and open field tackling. He is one of the best in the draft in this, partly due to so much exposure in the box.

Jabrill S Run Support (2).gif

Jabrill S Run Support.gif

Left Outside Linebacker, Middle Linebacker, and Right Outside Linebacker

Though not very likely unless he puts on weight, he could play a hybrid role similar to what he mostly played in college. This is known by many names, such as the Aztec position. This is similar to what Deone Bucannon plays in Arizona.

He can blitz very well from the box, and constantly get pressure on the quarterback and disrupt running plays.

Jabrill LB Blitz (3).gif

Jabrill LB Blitz (2).gif

Jabrill LB Blitz.gif

He also provides protection against elusive quarterbacks such as Russell Wilson and Marcus Mariota as a QB spy with his 4.46 speed.

Jabrill LB Spy.gifJabrill LB Spy (2).gif

With his 4.46 speed, comes amazing pursuit ability. This is not only useful for linebackers, but he showed it a lot while in the box.

Jabrill LB Pursuit (3)

Jabrill LB Pursuit (2)

Left Outside Cornerback, Right Outside Cornerback, and Nickel Cornerback

Peppers occasionally played cornerback in certain cases and showed that he is capable of playing the position very well if focused more on it.

He also showed flashes in coverage as a cornerback, when given the opportunity. He has the speed, agility, size, fluidity, and football knowledge to be an elite cornerback if needed. (Follow black arrow, not white arrow in first clip)

Jabrill CB Coverage.gif

Jabrill CB Coverage (2).gif

As stated before, his tackling is phenomenal, and open field tackling is a necessity. Wide receivers are no match to block Peppers.

Jabrill CB Tackle.gif

Jabrill LB Pursuit.gif


Jabrill Peppers could be HB1 this year, had he stuck with halfback coming out of high school rather than defensive back. He is the most gifted two-way athlete from Michigan since Charles Woodson, and will definitely get the ball in his hands on offense.

Jabrill RB Speed.gif

X Receiver, Z Receiver, Slot Receiver

Jabrill has not played much, if any wide receiver in college. But that shouldn’t limit him at the next level. He has the playmaking skills, size, and speed to be able to do this very well at the next level.

Here we compare his measurables to one of the best wide receivers in the NFL, Odell Beckham, Jr.

jabrill v odell

He also displayed his catching ability at the Combine and showed he was a natural pass-catcher.

Jabrill Catch.gifJabrill Catch (2).gif

Kick Returner and Punt Returner

Jabrill was one of the most exciting players to watch, and this was a huge reason why. Anytime he got the ball in his hand off of a punt or kick off, the fans would get excited. He will be an immediate star in this department.

Jabrill PR (2).gifJabrill PR (3).gifJabrill PR.gif

Jabrill Peppers presents an amazing, almost unreal amount of versatility and potential. And the more versatile depth a player provides, the more value he adds to the football team. And he has more total value than any other football player in the draft. So he is the most valuable player in this draft. His potential is oozing and he has the ability to excel at any one of the positions. Will he fall to mid 1st? Possibly. Would I draft him top 5? Absolutely.

Written by @RTFootballScout

Player Spotlight: Lorenzo Mitchell



Name: Lorenzo Mitchell

School: Tusculum

Conference: SAC-D2

Projected NFL Position: TE

Draft Class: 2017


Q&A with Lorenzo Mitchell

What is your name, school, and position?

Lorenzo Mitchell
Tusculum College
Tight End
What is your height and weight?
6’4 260
What do you consider your biggest asset on the field?
 My biggest assets on the field would be my ability to catch the football and run block ability.
Why did you choose your current college to further your football career?
I chose to attend Tusculum College because I felt like the coaches had my best interest and my teammates were a great group of guys that grind day in and day out.
What is something about yourself, that most people don’t know?
Most people don’t know that I played basketball as well as football in high school and college.
What is one area of your game that you would like to improve, and what’s your plan to do so?
 The one area of my game that I need to improve is my top End speed, I have been working hard with my trainers to improve it.
Who is the best player that you’ve played against so far in your career?
Best player I played against so far is my teammate Brandyn Bartlett.
Who is your favorite NFL player at your position and why?
 My favorite player at my position would have to be Gronk. (Gronkowski-NE TE) I mean the guy is an animal and he can do everything on the field.
What NFL team is your favorite and why?
 I am a die hard Patriots fan. I love the way the organization is ran. They use what they have and dominate every year. Giving small school players a chance to be a difference maker on the field. Bill Belichick is a Mastermind of a coach.
Any parting words for your fans or friends?
 I want to thank my friends and family for all the support over the years. Wouldn’t have this opportunity without their love and faith in me.



Additional Information


Winona State: Played two seasons at Winona State (2014, 2015) in Winona, Minn… Coached by Tom Sawyer. 2015: Played in 10 games with two starts… Finished with seven receptions for 65 yards and a touchdown against Wayne State… Also tallied a pair of tackles… 2014: Played in all 11 games in his first season with the Warriors… Made four catches for 53 yards… Caught two passes for a season-high 30 yards, including a 20-yard grab against Southwest Minnesota State.

High School: Graduated from Bartlett (Ill.) HS… Coached by Tom Meaney, Eric Ilich… Led team to a pair of conference titles (2010, 2011)… Stats: 2011: 35 receptions, 668 yards, 8 TD… Lettered in football and basketball… Team captain… Upstate Eight selection… 2011 Valley All-Conference… 2011 All-Area… 2011 All-State honorable mention… 2010 All-Area in basketball… 2011 Most Improved… 2011 Basketball Team MVP…

Personal: Born Feb. 25, 1994 in Chicago, Ill… Nickname: Zo… Son of Conice Harris… Future plans: Live the dream… Hobbies: sports, video games… Uncle, Johnnie Harris, played football with the Oakland Raiders (2000-2003) and New York Giants (2003-2006); Cousin – Antonio Dennard, played football with the Jacksonville Jaguars (2012), New York Giants (2013), Green Bay Packers (2013, 2014); Cousin – Walt Harris, played football for the Chicago Bears (1996-2001), Indianapolis Cots (2002-2003), Washington Redskins (2004-2005), San Francisco 49ers (2006-2009) and Baltimore Ravens (2010).

More About Lorenzo: Favorite book: Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham”; Favorite midnight snack: Smike Fruit Snack; Favorite movie: “Good Burger”; Favorite musical artist: Lil’ Wayne; Favorite song: “Hell & Back” by Kid Ink; Favorite sports team: New England Patriots; Lorenzo can’t go a week without: Food; Favorite athlete: Michael Vick; Most thrilling moment in sports: His first one-handed catch for a TD; Advice to kids: “Do your homework”; Favorite color: Black; Favorite food: Stuffing; Favorite sport other than football: Basketball; Person Lorenzo most admires: Kobe Bryant; Most famous person Lorenzo has ever met: JJ Watt, Michael Jordan; Toughest player Lorenzo has ever played against: Jabari Parker; What people don’t know about: Video game specialist; When he was a kid, Lorenzo tried to be like: Michael Vick.




Check out his Senior Game Film here: Lorenzo Mitchell

Player Spotlight: Tyson Graham Jr.




Name: Tyson Graham Jr

School: South Dakota

Conference: Missouri Valley Conference

Projected NFL Position: SS

Draft Class: 2017



Q&A with Tyson Graham Jr.

What is your name, school, and position?

Tyson Graham , The University of South Dakota, Strong Safety

What is your height and weight?

6’2 213

What do you consider your biggest asset on the field?

Tackling and Versatility

Why did you choose your current college to further your football career?

I felt as though USD was just the best fit for me to not only continue my football career but also earn my degree. They blessed with me that opportunity.

What is something about yourself, that most people don’t know?

Best Madden player..

What is one area of your game that you would like to improve, and what’s your plan to do so?

Coverage..I feel as though you can always polish up your coverage skills.

Who is the best player that you’ve played against so far in your career?

David Johnson – UNI (Arizona Cardinals starting RB)

Who is your favorite NFL player at your position and why?

Kam Chancellor (Seattle Seahawks SS)…The passion and and physicality he brings to the game is crazy!

What NFL team is your favorite and why?

Washington Redskins..Always been a huge fan, since Sean Taylor, Clinton Portis all those guys.

Any parting words for your fans or friends?

To my friends and guys still in college, just keep grinding and don’t give up.



Additional Information


One of six team captains–Moved to LB

71 total tackles and 4 interceptions

One of 39 Coyotes who competed in all 11 games … started 10 of 11 games at free safety … earned honorable mention all-MVFC honors … finished as the team’s second-leading tackler with 71 including 41 solo stops and 1.5 for loss … finished second in the MVFC and ranked 29th nationally in interceptions per game with four picks in 11 games … also credited with three pass breakups … forced a fumble that USD recovered at the goal line in the first quarter against Kansas State in the season opener (9/5) … twice led the team in tackles … had 10 stops in games against Youngstown State (10/3) and South Dakota State (11/14) … helped anchor a defense that ranked 31st nationally in total defense and 21stnationally in pass defense

South Dakota’s leading tackler with 97 stops … ranked seventh in the Missouri Valley and 87th nationally in tackles per game (8.1) … led the team with 44 solo tackles … one of six Coyotes who picked off a pass during the season … led the team with seven pass breakups … one of 25 Coyotes who played in all 12 games … started the final nine games of the season at free safety … had a solo tackle on Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota in the season opener at FBS national runner-up Oregon (8/30) … had eight stops (seven solo) against the Ducks … had 39 tackles in a span of three games against Southern Illinois (13), UNI (12) and Missouri State (season-high 14) … intercepted a pass in the home opener against William Penn that led to an offensive touchdown that sealed the win (9/6) … had seven special teams tackles.

Played in all 12 games and started the first three games of the season at wide receiver … had a 37-yard reception at Kansas (9/7) … played mostly on special teams … had two special-teams tackles at UNI (10/19) and three special-teams stops vs. Youngstown State (11/2) … was named Offensive Scout Team Player of the Week (leading up to Illinois State).

Redshirted…offensive scout team player of the week heading into the North Dakota State game.

Attended Highlands Christian Academy where he was named one of the top 50 players in Broward County, while earning Defensive Player of the Year honors and all-conference honors as a senior…He was selected for the Palm Beach vs. Broward All-Star Game…Led the team in tackles as a free safety with 96…Had 10 total touchdowns, 500 receiving yards, five touchdowns and three interceptions as a senior.

Son of Tyson Graham, Sr. and C’estquea Graham… kinesiology and sports science major.





Tyrant Analysis

Graham Jr. is a thowback Strong Safety, and excels while playing close to the line of scrimmage. He’s a sure tackler, that does well diagnosing the play and navigating through the trash to get to the ball carrier. He shifted to Linebacker his Senior season, and did well there also. He is solid in coverage as well, and his versatility is his biggest asset. His experience both playing Safety and Linebacker can be invaluable as he looks to find his place at the next level. Take a look at our Small School Draft HQ here.



Player Spotlight: King Frazier


Name: King Frazier

School: NDSU

Conference: Missouri Valley Conference

Projected NFL Position: RB

Draft Class: 2017



Q&A with King Frazier

What is your name, school, and position?

King Frazier from North Dakota state, running back.

What is your height and weight?

5’11 215

What do you consider your biggest asset on the field?

My biggest asset on the field is my physicality and ability to run between the tackles.

Why did you choose your current college to further your football career?

I choose NDSU because we are a down hill smash mouth football kinda program which translates well to the next level.

What is something about yourself, that most people don’t know?

I was 2nd in the nation in judo.

What is one area of your game that you would like to improve, and what’s your plan to do so?

I would like to improve my top speed when I break out a big run.

Who is the best player that you’ve played against so far in your career?

randy Gregory or Desmond king.

Who is your favorite NFL player at your position and why?

Devonta Freeman because he can do it all and is an every down back.

What NFL team is your favorite and why?

Eagles because my boy Carson goes there.

Any parting words for your fans or friends?

Once a bison always a bison.


Additional Information

PERSONAL: Majoring in university studies with a minor in sociology…Born Oct. 25, 1993…Guardians are Monica and Jeffrey Baker…National runner-up in Judo at the 2009 Junior U.S. Open Fort Lauderdale in the U90k division…Third place finisher in 2010 at the USA Judo national championship.

2016: 183 attempts, 879 yards, 11 TDs, 13 games played

2015 (JUNIOR): All-Missouri Valley Football Conference second team…Played in all 15 games with 13 starts…NDSU’s leading rusher with 219 carries for 1,158 yards and 11 touchdowns…Averaged 5.3 yards per carry to give NDSU a 1,000-yard rusher for the 13th straight season…MVFC Offensive Player of the Week after erupting for a career-high 177 yards in the win at Southern Illinois…That was the first of four straight games with a rushing TD…Scored in seven of the final eight games while rushing for 765 yards…Had a pair of 100-yard games in the NCAA playoffs including 107 and a TD against Northern Iowa and 121 with two TDs against Richmond…Carried 72 times for 368 yards and four TDs in four playoff games…Also proved versatile out of the backfield with 11 pass receptions for 139 yards on the season.

2014 (SOPHOMORE): Played in all 16 games as the No. 2 tailback…Rushed 111 times for 616 yards and four touchdowns while averaging 5.5 yards per carry…Caught two passes for 41 yards including a 29-yard touchdown against Incarnate Word…Season-high 15 carries against Indiana State and 106 rushing yards at South Dakota, his only 100-yard game…Longest run of the year was a 33-yard TD in the NCAA semifinal win over Sam Houston State that gave NDSU a 14-3 lead in the third quarter…Made two tackles on kickoff coverage.

BEFORE NDSU: Redshirted at Nebraska in 2012 and played in 12 games for the Huskers as a redshirt freshman in 2013…Totaled 12 carries 44 yards rushing with a rushing touchdown out of the backfield and was a key part of the special teams unit…Earned a spot on the Nebraska cholar-Athlete Honor Roll in the spring of 2013.


Tyrant Analysis

Frazier was the power running portion of NDSU rushing tandem. He has good vision, and runs decisively. Frazier has good burst and size, routinely breaking arm tackles and dropping his shoulder. He has the size and stamina to sustain a featured role. Frazier could be a bellcow back at the next level in a scheme that matches his strengths.

Player Spotlight: Teidrick Smith


Name: Teidrick Smith

               School: UMHB

               Conference: ASC

               Projected NFL Position: LB

               Draft Class: 2017





Q&A with Teidrick Smith

Whats your names, school , and position?                 

Teidrick Smith -Mary-Hardin Baylor DE/OLB

Whats your heigh and weight?

6’0 1/2 237

What do you consider your biggest asset on the field?


Why did you choose your current college to further your football career?

B/c it just seemed at home and the coaches welcomed me in with open arms.

What is something about yourself, that most people don’t know?

I love Rock music

What is one area of your game that you would like to improve, and what’s your plan to do so?

Coverage. I didn’t drop much in college, but since I’ve started training I’ve been doing 1on1 coverage against RB’s and Slots

Who is the best player that you’ve played against so far in your career?

Sam Riddle

Who is your favorite NFL player at your position and why?

James Harrison, cause of all the hard work he puts in.

What NFL team is your favorite and why?

Patriots, I just love the way things are done over there, “The Patriot Way”

Any parting words for your fans or friends?

Cru-Nation, it has been an amazing four years and I have loved every second of it.


Additional Information    

Personal: Son of Felicia Mitchell … born April 16, 1995 … majoring in general studies.

2016: 60 total tackles, 23.5 tackles for loss, 15.5 sacks, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery

2015: Second Team All-American … AP Little All-America Third Team … South Region Defensive Player of the Year and First Team All-South Region … ASC Defensive Player of the Year and Defensive Lineman of the Year … All-ASC First Team selection … posted 64 tackles and set UMHB and ASC records with 27 tackles for loss and 18 sacks … also blocked a UMHB record six kicks … had seven tackles against SRSU and in playoff win over HSU … had three sacks against Belhaven and in both games against HSU … posted four tackles for loss against Belhaven and SRSU.

2014: Honorable Mention All-American and 1st Team All-South Region selection … ASC Defensive Player of the Year and Defensive Lineman of the Year … First Team All-ASC pick … started all 12 games at defensive end … posted 47 total tackles and led the ASC with 14.5 tackles for loss and 9.0 sacks … added nine pass break-ups and an interception … had a season-high eight tackles against ETBU and returned an interception 36 yards for a touchdown in that game … also had 2.5 sacks in that game … had 3.5 tackles for loss against HSU … recovered two fumbles and forced another on the season.

2013: Honorable Mention All-ASC selection … started all 14 games at defensive end … recorded 61 total tackles, 19.0 tackles for loss and 9.5 sacks … also intercepted a pass at Hardin-Simmons … had a season-high 11 total tackles in his first collegiate start at Redlands … had two sacks at HSU and a season-high 3.0 tackles for loss in the Semifinals against UWW.


Tyrant Analysis

Though Smith doesn’t possess the ideal length for an edge rusher at the next level, he brings an array of pass rush moves to the table. He’s coming after you and in your face the entire game. Regardless of stature, he had enormous success at the Division 3 level (52 sacks). He doesn’t give up on plays and his motor runs hot all the time. With his ferocity and his knack for getting to the Quarterback, you’ll probably see him crack a roster next season. We gave him a UDFA/Camp invite grade here.