Malik Jefferson: LB Texas

When you look at Jefferson you see all of this hype around him as carry over from when he came in highly recruited. But the question is where do you see him dominate games on tape? It’s not on the tape yet. One NFC scouting director says. The scouting director does have a good point. If you look at all of the data to check on Jefferson’s production and the most glaring issue is his lack of tackles. Jefferson has good size and great athleticism with a good motor, but managed just 121 tackles over his first two seasons. He has as three games in his career with double-digit tackles, ( two of them so far in his Junior year) and his “impact” production (game-changing plays like tackles for loss, fumbles forced and recovered, INTs) is very modest.

On tape, Jefferson is lacking in instincts and anticipation, which could tell you why he has lower tackle numbers. The flip side of things Jefferson has 9 career sacks all of which coming in his first two seasons and if new defensive. We could see him become a dangerous blitzer if put in the right situation. Regardless, Jefferson does need for his production and impact to more closely match his talent and athleticism.

In the game against Maryland Jefferson made some nice plays and good tackles. He finished plays, showed a good motor, And showed good sideline to sideline speed. He finished the game with 9 total tackles. ( 5 Solo and 4 assisted tackles.) He did have some bad plays where he took the wrong angle and it allowed the runner to get 4 to 8 yards on the ground. Most of his bad angles were against option read plays.

I do think he needs a little more work reading the offense. But I like his tackling ability and that he doesn’t miss a lot of tackle. Shows good speed and ability to split 2 blockers.


Bradley Chubb ( NC State EDGE ) Scouting Report

Chubb was the defensive leader for the 24th-ranked Wolfpack, who harassed reigning Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson the entire night with the win over Louisville at Carter-Finley Stadium in Raleigh. Chubb entered with 5 1/2 sacks on the season and the All-American added another as he blew past Louisville left tackle Geron Christian, a 6-6, 315-pound junior also considered an NFL prospect. That Thursday game drew plenty of NFL talent evaluators. Cardinals general manager Steve Keim, Washington vice president of player personnel Doug Williams, Panthers interim general manager Marty Hurney and Eagles vice president of player personnel Joe Douglas.

Chubb’s quickness also gives him the option of shooting the inside gap. He combines it with good snap awareness to give himself a step on the competition.His commitment to gaining inside hands helps him employ an effective power rush. He is able to fire off the ball, maintain leverage and push the blocker into the face of the quarterback. Chubb is a heady player who knows when to use what pass rush move.This is a two-way defender who plays the run with integrity. He uses his inside hands to keep clean and hold at the point of attack. Chubb does a good job stacking and shedding when the ball carrier is in his area.

He plays with a high motor and will chance the play several yards down field. This effort plays a role in his success as both a pass rusher and run defender.NC State has asked Chubb to drop into coverage from time to time. He didn’t look overwhelmed in this task, but it keeps from rushing the passer which is his best attribute. However, it’s nice for defensive coordinators to have options.Chubb is a top-flight prospect who should hear his named called early in the 2018 NFL Draft. His combination of natural talent and production is what evaluators look for in a defensive end prospect. He’s in the running to be the first pass rusher selected in the upcoming draft.

Chubb vs South Carolina 2017:

I noticed he moved from Left DE to Right DE. And the majority of the time when South Carolina ran the ball. It was away from Chubb. He was all over the field, He chased down a wide receiver forcing him to go out of bounds only getting to the line of scrimmage, He totaled 5 tackles, 2 for loss and 1 pass deflection. He should great hustle playing on the right side of the offensive line and having to run to the other side of the field to help make a tackle for no gain (If he doesn’t hustle that play could go for 10-15) The only negative play is when he missed a tackle behind the line and allowed the runner to get in the end-zone. Overall i’d give him a B+

Harold Landry, OLB Boston College.



Harold Landry, OLB from Boston College stands 6’3 and 250 pounds. In 2016 he tallied 51 tackles, (34 of them being solo) 22 for loss, and 16.5 sacks, 1 interception, 4 pass breakups and 7 force fumbles. I’d call that a good season. 

 Landry is a natural pass rusher, He has an explosive first step and can truly natually bend at the top of his pass rush. (Von Miller and Mack do this very well) He’s very loose and fluid in his motion and hips, which allows him to get to the quarterback quickly once he turns the corner. He also has an explosive up-and-under move to create pressure. His ability to finish is something great. He can adjust his path as the result of quarterback movement in the pocket, and he’s always attempting to swipe the ball away on contact to force a turnover. Landry also has a very good motor and doesn’t stop on a play just cause it’s going opposite of him. 

Landry is a dynamic backside run defender. He closed the back door several times against Dalvin Cook in the FSU game. He gives great effort to chase plays from behind. He flashes the ability to hold the point of attack on the front side. His instincts are amazing (The interception vs. Maryland in the bowl game). He plays defensive end in Boston Colleges scheme but I can easily see him being a OLB as well in 3-4 defenses. 

Landry Vs. Clemson 2016: 

Very first offensive play for Watson and the Tigers is a pass, Landry comes off the edge vs the (RT) Landry gives the (RT) A simple little hand swipe move and forces Watson to throw it underneath as he gets the pressure and hit. In the redzone later in the drive. Landry holds down inside containment vs Watson has he keeps the option to run. Landry get’s help from a corner who forces Watson inside to him and helps makes the tackle. Early in the 2nd quarter Landry again vs the (RT) Bends very low at the hips, got around the corner to sack and strip fumble Watson. A negative I saw was on an option play Watson gave it to Cain to run and Landry closed to far inside giving a big hole off to the right side of the line. Now Landry didn’t give up on the play as he turned around and helped run him down to get in on the tackle. Later in the 4th Landry was able to beat the (RT) on a power move to start but then changed to a swim under to get in and knock Watson’s arm to cause the pass to go incomplete. Later in that same drive Landry did a great inside move to for a tackle for loss on the play. ( Made it look easy ) 

Some negatives I did see was on what I would call half the plays vs the (LT) Landry did have trouble getting away and shedding the block, Rather it be against pass protection or run. But he showed very good skill and pursuit on several plays. 1 play he ran down Watson to the sideline and stopped him for only a gain of about 1. I really liked how he got his hands up in the air if he wasn’t able to get to the quarterback. Stats for the game, 5 Solo tackles, 1 assisted tackle for 6 total tackles. 1 tackle for loss, 1 sack, 1 pass deflection and 1 force fumble. Overall Grade: B+

What’s wrong with the SEC

Ever since the SEC started flexing their muscles with seven straight national championships and dominating every team from the other power 5 conferences they’ve gotten cocky, declaring themselves the hands-down best conference in college football. And at one point they were, but right now the SEC may not even be a top 2 power 5 conference. 

After week 4 of the season. The only team that has yet tasted a lost. Has been Alabama and Georgia. Both standing tall at 4-0. 

The SEC still gets top prospects, top athletes, has some of the best stadiums in the nation.  In the AP Power Poll the top 25 holds a total of 6 SEC teams. 1 Alabama, 7 Georgia, Auburn 13, Florida 21, Mississippi State 24, LSU 25. But How many teams truly belong there. Mississippi State gets blown out by Georgia 31-3. Florida had a last second comeback win against Kentucky to win 28-27. LSU did have a hard time vs Syracuse but pulled away to win it 35-26. Alabama clearly won vs Vanderbilt who was 3-0. 59-0. 

I have a strong opinion that if you want your team to be a top ranked team. Rather you’re in college or the NFL. Then you must pay for that coach. For example, Alabama has been a top ranked school for almost a decade. Why? Because they have arguably the greatest college head coach in NCAA history in Nick Saban. And he makes 11 million a year. The 2nd and 3rd highest paid coaches are Jim Harbaugh and Urban Meyer. Both in the big 10. OSU has been in first 2 college football playoffs alongside Alabama. Jim Harbaugh has brought the fire back in Michigan And made them a top school once again. Michigan being 4-0 and OSU being 3-1. With OSU only lost coming from 4-0 and number 3 Oklahoma. The remaining top 10 have 1 ACC school being Florida State coached by Jimbo Fisher. Who will be in the Hall Of Fame. One Big 12 school being Texas which is having trouble at their head coaching job. Then the last 5 are SEC and Big Ten schools. But the SEC schools being Mississippi, Texas A&M and Auburn and Big Ten schools being Penn State and Iowa. Penn State is a top 10 school in the nation and Iowa always challenges top schools like Penn State and OSU. And at the moment Penn State and Iowa would beat Mississippi and Texas A&M. Auburn would be able to make it a game but would still lose to Penn State and possibly Iowa. 

Teams like OSU, Michigan, Penn State are so well coached on all 3 sides of the ball and are all 3 very good at recruiting. The only school that can match them in the SEC is Alabama with Nick Saban. The 2017 recruiting class Bama was 1, OSU was 2nd, Michigan and Penn State came in 5 and 15. In 2016 class Bama was 1 again, OSU was 3rd, with Michigan and Penn State coming in at 8 and 20. 


Big 12 – Week 4


Week 4 of the College Football season sees Big 12 conference play begin this morning. West Virginia and Kansas kick things off at 11am on ESPNU while Texas Tech face off with a strong out of conference Houston team on ABC/ESPN2 at 11am as well. One of the best matchups this week sees the 16th ranked TCU face off against 6th ranked Oklahoma State on ESPN. Rounding out today’s matchup sees No.3 Oklahoma face a struggling Baylor at 5:30pm on FS1. Kansas State, Iowa State and Texas all have a bye week.


West Virginia at Kansas

Kicking off Big 12 play sees West Virginia travel to Kansas. The Mountaineers will be looking to show why they were ranked 22nd to start the season when they face against a Jayhawk side that has been poor so far and who are 0-2 against MAC this season.


Texas Tech at Houston

Texas Tech remains in state to travel to Houston in what should be a high scoring game. Texas Tech quarterback Nic Shimonek will be key to the Red Raiders’ offense who has been one of the better quarterbacks in the Big 12 this season.


No. 16 TCU at No.6 Oklahoma State

In one of the marquee matchups this weekend TCU travels to Stillwater to face Oklahoma State. Both teams are undefeated thus far and ranked nationally. Oklahoma State has one of the best offenses in the country and are led by Heisman candidate, Mason Rudolph. Meanwhile TCU has faced tougher competition beating out Arkansas two weeks ago. A win for either team will put them in national title discussion.


No. 3 Oklahoma at Baylor

Rounding out Big 12 play today sees 3rd ranked Oklahoma travel to Baylor who is 0-3 this season. In what should be a one sided affair Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield will look to continue his fine form this season as he cements his place as a favorite for the Heisman. While Baylor gets back Terence Williams, who rushed for 1000 yards last season, he will be unlikely to make much of a difference.