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Titans Vs. Colts Preview:



The Indianapolis Colts come into Nashville Monday night to play the Tennessee Titans. 

The Colts offense vs the Titans defense, T.Y. Hilton vs Logan Ryan: Hilton is the Colts leading wide receiver and after a big game last week vs the 49ers. Hilton went 7 for 9 for a total of 177 yards. (25.3 yards a catch) He has the 4th highest yards per route this season among wide receivers at 2.75, Without Andrew Luck Hilton has continued to have a great season with Jacoby Brissett throwing him the football. I have Logan Ryan matched up against Hilton Monday night, Depending on how Ryan matches up against Hilton will be a key role in Monday nights game. Against Jarvis Landry last week, Ryan did not allow a catch on three targets. Logan Ryan has allowed five catches on eight targets for 60 yards over his last two games. 

Colts backs vs Titans linebackers, In week 5 the Colts used a two-headed rushing attack  featuring veteran Frank Gore who forced three missed tackles on 17 touches, and Marlon Mack the rookie out of South Florida adding a 16-yard run. Mack had the best game of his young career against San Francisco, leading all Week 5 running backs with an amazing 80.2 breakaway percentage and three 15 plus yard runs. The fourth round pick also forced five missed tackles on the day, giving him the second highest elusive rating (222.2) at his position for week 5. Wesley Woodyard and Avery Williamson could be up to the task this week. Both defenders rank inside the top ten linebackers in terms of run stops. Woodyard leads the team with 14 while Williamson has nine. Woodyard ranks 5th at his position in 2017 in run stopping percentage with 11.2 

Demarco Murray vs Colts Edge Defenders, Murray has struggled to say the least this season. Ranking 41st at his position with less than a 60 percent overall grade. In 2016 Murray generated 24 missed tackles through the first 5 weeks of the season. In 2017 he only has 8. Murray has been his best when running to the left side behind (LG) Spain and (LT) Lewan. (Who was a full go at practice recently) Since 2016 he is averaging 5.17 yards per carry to the left side. Simon and Sheard should expect a heavy work load since Murray’s 29 of 56 carries as been to the left side. Sheard is the 2nd best edge defender against the run with a 91.1 run stopping percentage and Simon at 81.2 ranking at 22nd. Murray’s grade week 1 was a 46.5, Week 2 was 40.5, Week 3 was a 82.1, Week 4 was 74.2 and week 5 was a 46.0 

Matthews vs Colts secondary, Matthews much like 2016 has been the Titans top pass catcher. Matthews is ranking 22nd just under a 80 percent overall. He will most likely often be challenged by Colts cornerback Rashaan Melvin this week. Despite being thrown at 37 times this season which ranks him 3rd most of the season, Melvin is allowing 1.06 receiving yards per coverage snap which puts him at 41st out of 78 qualified cornerbacks. His overall grade of 86.3 ranks 10th in the NFL among all corners. 

Walker vs Colts safeties, Walker is playing at a very high level, Catches and yards are some of his highest totals through week 5 in his career. He has yet to get a touchdown so far in 2017. He is 2nd overall according to ProFootballFocus with a 87.6 only behind Rob Gronkowki’s rating of 88.0. Walker could be matched up against the Colts safety Matthias Farely, Who has given up a rate of 1.30 yards per catch this season. Ranking him among the most at his position. 

Titans OLB Orakpo vs Colts Tackle Castonzo, Castonzo who has been very good run blocking in the past has continued his success there boasting the best run blocking grade among tackles in the NFL at 88.0 overall. But this season he is among the middle of pack of tackles when it comes to pass blocking ranking 15th with an 78.7 grade. Orakpo has started the season off really well. Totaling 22 pressures from 128 pass rush snaps, which puts him at a pass rush rating of 13.1 productivity. Which ranks him 9th among edge defenders. 




What Are The Titans Problems?

The Titans are coming into week 5 vs the Dolphins with a record of 2-2, 3rd in the AFC South but very much in the race to win the division a quarter of the way through the season. The Titans are going into the easy stretch of their schedule. Week 5 at Miami, Week 6 at home on Monday night vs the Colts, Week 7 at the Browns, Week 8 at home vs the Ravens. They have a combined record of 4 wins and 11 loses. The Titans could go 3-1 at best obviously 4-0. The Colts will more than likely have their starting quarterback Luck back for the Monday night game. But he won’t be in mid season form, So the Titans could still very much take the win. 

The two biggest questions about this team are 1. The secondary/ Defense, And 2, The offensive play calling. The defense is ranked 29th in total defense. Mainly cause the Texans had their way with them. The biggest question is was that 1 game exactly that. Just one game, If so we don’t have to much to worry about considering Byard, Jackson will get better as the season goes on. If it’s not just the one game. Then the Titans are in big trouble. I still see this team struggling against teams like Steelers, Colts later on in the season if Luck doesn’t get hurt again, Texans again, The Cards with Larry and Brown, And the Rams with this new offense under McVay with Gurley, Watkins, Kupp and under McVay they are finally using Austin right. A lot of people I have seen have been talking down on Adoree, Saying he is getting killed and beat. We didn’t draft Adoree to be the starter right off the bat like he did. He was mainly going to be the nickel corner with kick and punt duties. But he out performed Sims, Which kinda tells you Sims wasn’t ready to be that guy on the outside.

As far as the offense goes, I believe the play calling will be what holds this team back. Especially once Davis comes back in week 6 or 7 is when I think he’ll come back. And at 100 percent he would give Marcus and this offense a weapon we haven’t had really ever in Nashville. But if the continues to call plays the way we are now, The drafting of Davis and Taylor wasn’t the greatest of picks then. Taylor isn’t really on the field as much as he should be. And when he is he is getting carries and/or quick screen passes. Only sometimes he will get out on an actual route, We saw what he could do on a (go) route against Bouye. Now why aren’t we using him more like that? Cause we are to busy trying to run the ball with 2 tight ends or 2 tight ends and a full back. Take the Texans game for an example, We are down 21-0 and we run the ball on 1st and 2nd down. For a total of 4 yards. Leaving us with a 3rd and 6 and what do Terry and Mike want to do and call? They call a run with Taylor up the the middle. A small wide out coming in motion and getting the ball. And it doesn’t work. We are too busy trying to run the ball that we can’t get Marcus into a rhythm with his wide outs. I think that’s partially why he hasn’t been able to do well till the 2nd half. I’m truly starting to believe that we won’t win the big games or a playoff game with this type of offense. And Marcus won’t be as good as he truly can be until we change things up, We can still run the ball but we have to be able to throw the ball with more than 2 or 3 options for him to throw it too, We must adjust our offense, Look at KC, Pats, Raiders, Bucs, Rams. They all adjust their offense to their QB. KC, Pats, Raiders, Bucs and Rams pass with at least 3 options with the running back having an option to come out in the flat almost every time they pass the ball. They have adjusted to the QB. Of course they have good play calling in good situations for the most part. But also look at their play book to the Titans. It’s much bigger with more formations and more plays, Just look at Marcus in college and when he has plenty of options to throw the ball to, He’s much better in and out the pocket. But our coach goes the other way and makes us run the ball.

Until we fix these problems we won’t be a legitimate threat to go deep in the AFC playoffs. Say what you will but the proof in the past is evidence that Mike Mularkeys way doesn’t work.

Tennessee Titans Key Stat’s through week 3. ( OFFENSE )

Marcus Mariota has 696 yards passing with 3 touchdowns and 1 interception. 60 of 100 for 60 percent completion and a QBR of 86.9. Little side note. Through week 3 Marcus has 33 attempts a game. 3 more than his previous 2 seasons. And is averaging 4 more yards a game than in 2016. At home Marcus has combined for a total of 45-73 for 481 yards and 61.6 completion percentage. Plus 2 touchdowns with 0 interceptions. Away from home Marcus is 15-27 for 215 yards and 55.6 percent completion. 1 touchdown and 1 interception. 

Murray: Murray who was 3rd in rushing last season with 1283 yards rushing has gotten off to a slow start in the first 2 games. But in week 3 he found his groove and shined. Tallying 14 carries for 115 yards and a touchdown. And looked great on his 75 yard run for a touchdown. That puts him at 35 carries for 184 yards and a touchdown through 3 games. Murray has done his best work in the 2nd half of the game gaining 13 carries for 123 yards and a touchdown through 3 games.

Derrick Henry: 33 carries for 171 yards ( 5.2 YPC ) for 1 touchdowns. Which is an improvement on his rookie campaign through the first 3 games. In 2016 Henry was averaging 7 carries a game at 4.5 YPC and 32.7 yards a game. So far in 2017 Henry is averaging 11 carries a game at 5.2 YPC and 57 yards a game. Henry has became a bigger part of this offense like I believed he would be. Henry is at his best inside the redzone tallying 6 carries for 37 yards and 1 touchdown.

Matthews: In 3 games Matthews as 14 catches for 201 yards and 1 touchdown. We all know he wasn’t a big part of the offense this time last season. But he has grown to become Mariotas favorite wide receiver target and someone he trust on 3rd downs.

Walker: Walker is Walker. I have a hard time not putting him as my top overall tight end in the NFL. He just does everything and does it very very well. So far here in 2017 Walker has totaled 15 catches for 168 yards with 0 touchdowns.

OFFENSIVE LINE: The Titans with Mike Mularkey have made it a point to have a strong physical offensive line and Mike and GM Jon Robinson have done just that. Last season Pro Football Focus (PFF) rated the Titans offensive line as the best in the NFL. And they have stayed completely together in 2017. In the first 3 games of the season. The offensive line have allowed just 2 sacks (tied for 1st) and 5 QB hits (2nd best) in the NFL. Tennessee is 2nd in the NFL in rushing with 469 yards. Only behind the Kansas City Chiefs who have 486 yards. Titans are also tied with 3 other teams with 5 rushing touchdowns. And rank 14th in passing yards.


The Tennessee Titans top 5 grades” (According to PFF)

LT Taylor Lewan, 91.1 overall grade

LB Wesley Woodyard, 86.8 overall grade

G Josh Kline, 85.6 overall grade

Edge Brain Orakpo, 84.8 overall grade

S Kevin Byard, 93.0 overall grade

Performances note:

Lewan: Lewan was in the middle of a pile when Seahawks corner Richard Sherman came in late on Marcus Mariota. But he didn’t get to physical. Instead he used his anger and frustration on used it to dominate the player across from him.

According to PFF QB Marcus Mariota tallied a 56.0 overall grade. Largely in part to Marcus missing out on to many routine passes in the game while struggling to take advantage of great pass protection from his offensive line. But made key plays throughout the game.

Keys To The Game: Seahawks vs. Titans

Keys to watch for in this week 3 match-up between the Titans and Seahawks.

  1. Titans defensive front seven vs. Seattle Seahawks offensive line. The Titans front seven on the defense consist of Casey, Jones, Johnson, Morgan, Williamson, Woodyard and Orakpo will be looking to have a breakout game against the Seahawks poor offensive line. Look for Dick Labeau to use stunts and delayed blitzes to confuse the offensive line of the Seahawks. Morgan leads the team with 2 sacks followed by Orakpo and Woodyard with 1 a piece. The Titans defense has allowed 208 rushing yards (15th) and 461 (11th) most in the NFL. The Seahawks offensive line is well known for their poor pass protection of Russel Wilson. Seattle is averaging 158 yards passing per game. (29th) and 110 rushing yards per game (13th) The offensive line has allowed 6 sacks for 40 yards through 2 games.
  2. Titans wide outs and tight ends vs the Seahawks legion of boom. How will Matthews, Walker, Decker, Taylor and maybe Davis if he is good to go fair against Sherman who has been one of the best corners in the NFL since 2012. Kam Chancellor is a feared safety in the middle of the field with his hard hitting ability. Matthews and Walker will have to step up against Sherman, Chancellor and Thomas as the Seahawks has arguably a top 3 secondary thanks to the Legion Of Boom (LOB)
  3. Will the Titans be able to run? The Seahawks are well known for the impressive defense since Pete Carol has arrived. In 2016 the Seahawks finished 6th in the NFL against the run allowing 93 yards per game. But in week 2 last week Carlos Hyde of the 49ers ran for 124 yards on only 15 carries. In week 1 the Titans couldn’t get the run game going. Running only for 95 yards on 21 attempts. With Marcus running for 26 of those 95 yards. The Titans cannot go away from running the football, In week 2 playing Jacksonville the Titans ran 12 times in the 1st half. But ran for 24 in the 2nd half. Large portion was due to them leading in the game.
  4. Turnovers, Can the Titans continue forcing turnovers in week 3 like they did in week 2. The Titans are plus 2 in turnovers thanks to causing 3 turnovers last week in their victory against Jacksonville. Head coach Mike Mularkey said. It’s the difference. You can put a chart that goes back 20 years and it will show you the difference in the outcomes of games based on turnovers.
  5. Titans pressure on Wilson, Russel Wilson has been hit 16 times in just 2 games. And has been sacked 6 more times. That means he’s been hit 22 times on 66 drop backs. Outside Linebacker Derrick Morgan has a sack in each of the first 2 games of the season. Wilson is one of the most elusive quarterbacks in the NFL. He has ran for 74 yards on 14 attempts. The Titans defensive front must maintain good gap control and not over pursue Wilson. That would allow Wilson to climb the pocket and possibly find a running lane to take off. Mularkey went on to say that Wilson has a history of that and we know that.

Patriots lose a much needed pass rusher

derek rivers

The New England Patriots used their top selection, a third round pick, on Derek Rivers from Youngstown State. Rivers spent his college career terrorizing quarterbacks, and was expected to do much of the same in Foxboro. Rivers, who was already a hot name in small school draft circles, really boosted his stock with an outstanding showing at the Reese’s Senior Bowl.

Bill Belichick has never been afraid of throwing the dice on small school prospects, and generally comes out on the winning side. Though Rivers is an exceptional prospect athletically, the question was if his skill set was translatable. He was showing his ability in joint practices with the Houston Texans, dragging down Tom Savage for a sack at one point. In an unfortunate turn of events, the former Youngstown State defensive end went down with a knee injury while covering a kickoff. Though he walked off the field under his own power, it was later determined Rivers had torn his ACL and sprained his LCL. It looks like he may be lost for the season, whch depletes an already thin position for the Patriots. They will probably look to upgrade their depth, via trade or a signing.

Though its a tough pill to swallow for the young rookie, Derek Rivers is a hard worker and is devout in his faith. Expect this young man to battle back, and be better than he was prior to the injury. Speedy recovery Derek.

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Just 26 days until training camp begins..

The Dallas Cowboys released their training camp scheduled on Monday.

Training camp for the 2017 NFL season will begin on Monday, July 24, 2017 in Oxnard, California.   Camp will kick-off with an opening ceremony, followed by the Cowboy cheerleaders posing for pictures and autographs for fans.

This year the Cowboys will face off against the Arizona Cardinals in the annual Hall of Fame game on August 3rd, 2017.   The NFL allows both the Cowboys and Cardinals a few extra practice sessions for participating in the game.

For the Cowboy fans that have an interest in attending training camp in Oxnard.   The Cowboys official camp residence will be at the following:

Hotel Marriott Residence Inn
2101 West Vineyard Ave.
Oxnard, California

A few notes:

  • The schedule below is tentative and may be changed at a later date.   Prior to the official start of training camp, rookies and younger players will practice July 19-21 in Frisco before moving onto Oxnard.
  • There will be 16 practices in California, with the last practice being on August 17th.
  • Following the Cowboys preseason game against the Indianapolis Colts on August 19th, the Cowboys will move to Frisco, Texas and resume training camp on August 21st.   They will conclude camp on August 29th before heading to Houston for their final preseason game.
  • Personnel news:   Cowboy safety Byron Jones, in an interview with the NFL Network, claimed that Cowboys 2nd year LB Jaylon Smith is “100% healthy”.   That is amazing news for Cowboy fans, as Smith was considered to be a Top 10 talent in the 2016 NFL draft before injuring his knee in Notre Dame’s bowl game against Ohio State.

Dallas Cowboys 2017 training camp schedule:

*Times are subject to change.

July 24th – Opening Ceremony, Cheerleader performance and autograph session, practice begins at 3:45 pm.   Autographs are subject to availability.

July 25 – 3:45 pm

July 26 – 3:45 pm

July 27 – 10:45 am

July 29 – 3:45 pm

July 30 – 3:45 pm

July 31 – 3:45 pm

August 1 – 10:45 am

August 7 – 3:45 pm

August 8 – 3:45 pm

August 9 – 3:45 pm

August 10 – 10:45 am

August 14 – 3:45 pm

August 15 – 3:45 pm

August 16 – 3:45 pm

August 17 – 10:45 am

NFL Buzz by @Dom_Pulcinello

As OTA’S have begun teams are starting to get ready for the upcoming season. Throughout all of this players are still being signed and cut as teams are trying to shape out there roster. Let’s take a look at some of the most recent signing, trades, and injuries.

TRADE: The Cleveland Browns and New York Jets have traded players. The Browns sent linebacker Demario Davis in exchange for safety Calvin Pryor. Mike Garafolo from NFL Network first reported the trade. Pryor who is only 24 will look to compete for a starting spot amongst other players. He will join the new era defense the Browns are trying to build. Pryor will be a free agent following the season. As for Davis this will be his second stint with the Jets. He will join a team in the rebuilding process. He is a versatile player who I believe will play a lot for the young Jets D.


SIGNING: Christine Michael has agreed to terms with the Colts. The news broke from a press source that covers the Colts. Michael is a journeyman running back looking to find a permanent home. He is a extremely talented back that has not been able to find a permanent home. He is only 26 , and he will compete for a spot against likely starter Frank Gore and Robert Turbin. I could see Michael being a big contributor for the Colts if he can beat out Turbin for backup. Being Gore is a older back and may not be able to handle a huge workload.

INJURY: Ravens Corner Tavon Young has torn his ACL. Jamison Hensley of ESPN reported Young went up to intercept a pass , and came down into a teammate. He was in great pain and could not put much weight on his knee. This is a huge blow to the Ravens young secondary. Young was set to play a lot this year and be a big contributor to the Ravens D. Marlon Humphrey the Ravens first round selection will have to step up in a big way.

CUT: The Kansas City Chiefs have announced in a statement that they’ve decided to move on with wide receiver Jeremy Maclin. This is a very surprising move that have some people a little confused. Maclin only spent two seasons with the team. Maclin even seemed shocked he tweeted ” Crazy business this is…appreciate y’all”. Maclin did amazing in the Chiefs system his first year , but injuries held him back last season. His performance though didn’t have people thinking he would be cut though. The Chiefs did save some money but they have a very inexperienced receiving group that consists of  Tyreek Hill, Albert Wilson, and Chris Conley. Maclin should easily be able to find work else where as he is a very talented player.

INJURY: Another Ravens player has been injured during OTA’S. Tight end Dennis Pitta has suffered another hip injury. This is devastating to Pitta who has went through numerous injuries. Adam Schefter from ESPN reported Baltimore fears he fractured and dislocated his hip again. If this is so Pitta’s career is likely over. This is sad news Pitta is a all around good player who took a beating in the NFL. This will leave the Ravens tight end situation up in the air. I expect them to sign a tight end or trade for one.


Written by @dominicpulcinello12

49ers Possible Pro Bowlers

For a team that only won 2 games the season before, it’s a huge reach to think this team possesses any Pro Bowl talent (except Navarro Bowman). But I am here to say there are a few players that I believe can make the cut. What I am going to do is go through the players from the highest chance to the lowest chance (but there is still hope). The first player is Navarro Bowman.

He’s 29 but plays like 25. One of the few players that’s still here after the glory days. No debate,one of the best defensive players in the league and the best on the team. One thing he has is consistency, averaging around 97 tackles a season. Only thing holding him back from making the Pro Bowl is how fast will he bounce back from his Achilles injury, besides that he is a guarantee. Next is Carlos Hyde, who just came off his best season. After Frank Gore left, Hyde needed to step up, and be the downhill runner the 49ers desperately needed. Hyde was one of the few bright spots on offense. He even made the Pro Bowl last year, but couldn’t play because of injuries. Like Bowman, injuries could hold him back from reaching full potential. Another injury plagued season could get him replaced.

Next on the list is Eric Reid. After his rookie season, Reid seemed like a star in the making, but once again the injury bug got to him. Reid has had many concussions while being in the league and some say he even considered retirement. With a new defensive coordinator and additions to the defensive secondary, Reid is setup for success. No longer will most of the workload go to him.

I believe Reid can go back to being a top safety and one of the league’s hardest hitters. Seen as one of the 49ers best o-linemen of all time, Joe Staley has the opportunity to be a Pro Bowler. Last year the 49ers had one of the worst O-line in the league. Staley was once even in trade rumors. Hopefully Joe is here to stay, and retire with the Niners whenever he is ready to end his career. The last 2 players are first year and second year players. The 7th pick in last year’s draft was DeForest Buckner, who had a pretty solid season for a rookie. He had 6 sacks at 3-4 DE. I don’t know if he will be playing DE or DT, since the 49ers switch to a 4-3. Either position I think he will do well.

The final player that I think has a chance to make the Pro Bowl is the rookie Reuben Foster. I honestly think he was the most complete LB in the draft. If it wasn’t for personal issues and that shoulder injury, no doubt Foster would’ve been a for sure top-10 pick. With his elite speed,high motor, and aggressiveness, Foster has everything you want in a linebacker. On top of that he gets to work with Bowman who could teach him a thing or 2. My honorable mention is Rashard Robinson. Near the end of the season he showed flashes of greatness and that he could be a shut-down corner. These players are the highlights of the team and could shine this season with Pro Bowl honors. 

Health Check for the NEW Los Angeles Chargers

As we cross the halfway mark of the offseason, the ambition of a new season starts to arise. For the new Los Angeles Chargers, it brings a new team, new head coach, & a new city.

Image result for keenan allen

Last season was plagued with injuries, those affecting the stars & depth – Keenan Allen, Danny Woodhead, Jerry Attaochu, Jason Verrett, Brandon Oliver – across both offense & defense. Despite the absurd weekly season-ending injuries, the Chargers brought many a games down to the final minutes.

While injuries are never welcome (knock on wood no repeats), it was an encouraging spectacle for Chargers fans who continued to watch their team fight and step up. Each new player quickly assumed their role, and played diligently. The end result was meek, an underwhelming 5-11, but its all more important to recall that projected starters were signings who played on a different team the week before. This at the very least showed the “next man up” mentality you hear across the NFL, and the grit and culture inhabited within the Chargers.

Image result for anthony lynn

Now, while that seems like a moral victory (which it is), the NFL is based on wins-losses. Exit Mike McCoy.  Enter Anthony Lynn. With Lynn the Los Angeles Chargers have a well-respected, tough and gritty coach that expects the most and settles for nothing less. While his leadership skills are tops, he brings a staff of incredible resume: Gus Bradley as DC & Ken Wisenhunt as OC.

These changes were a must for a team right on the cuff, but it means nothing if a lingering problem the last few seasons persists, health.

So far so good through the offseason, as there are no serious injuries to report & many of those on IR seem to have recovered favourably. Keenan & Branden Oliver are moving quick and swift, garnering tremendous attention from both staff & media. The constantly injured O-Line has been revamped. Out with the clunky King Dunlap, concussed Orlando Franklin, & DJ Fluker. In with 2nd & 3rd round picks, Forrest Lamp & Dan Feeney. Maybe a bold prediction, but to me Forrest Lamp will be regarded as a top 5 guard within 3 years time. Dan Feeney is no slouch either, having a solid resume at the University of Indiana & was presumed to be a top draft candidate for the New England Patriots. If Bill Belichick was willing to draft a rookie O-Lineman to protect the elderly G.O.A.T, sign me up.

Image result for forrest lamp

The receiving groups is tops in the NFL. Melvin and Branden are one of the top duos in the league, I would be hard pressed to find a better combo. Antonio Gates will assuredly contribute as always, especially as Hunter Henry starts to shine. The O-Line has to be better than last year, I have no doubt in my mind.

The Defense will be fast, physical, and respected. Even with all the injuries, stars like Joey Bosa, Melvin Ingram, and Casey Heyward could not be denied. Add in Jason Verrett, Jahleel Addae, and some solid secondary draft picks – a physical Jenkins and my favourite underdog Desmond King – to shutdown the opposition.

So far so good, the 2017 Los Angeles Chargers look great on paper, they just need to stay on the field.

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A Way Too Early Prediction For The Eagles 2017 Record

Eagles 2nd year signal caller, Carson Wentz, looks to capitalize on all the added weapons. (Photo Credit to CSN Philly)

Week 1: @ Washington Redskins

The Eagles start the season on the road against a team that has owned them as of late. (Skins have won the last 5 meetings) However, the Eagles loaded up on the D line this off season and improved both the running back and receiver positions, while Washington has an unhappy Quarterback that just lost 2 of his top receiving threats. The Redskins did add Terrelle Pryor, and got a steal in the draft with Johnathon Allen, but I expect to see an improved Carson Wentz lead the Eagles to victory.  Eagles Win (1-0)

Week 2: @ Kansas City Chiefs

Road games are tough to win in the NFL, especially when they’re back to back to start a season. The Chiefs went 12-4 winning their division last year and there’s no reason for them to not be just as good in 2017, and they added former Eagles D linemen Bennie Logan. While I do expect to see an improved Eagles team from a year ago, I just think the Chiefs will be too much for the Eagles on the road. Eagles Lose (1-1)

Week 3: New York Giants

The Giants believe they can win now, and that’s evident with the moves they’ve made the past 2 off seasons, giving established veterans lucrative deals. However, they haven’t done much to improve their O line that was terrible last season, and their running game may even be worse than last seasons. Eli Manning has been on a steady decline and the Eagles defense just looks down right nasty this year. I see the Eagles handling the Giants rather easy in their home opener. Eagles Win (2-1)

Week 4: @ Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers haven’t been winning the past few seasons, but I don’t think that’s a real indicator of their talent. They have a future HOFer in Phillip Rivers and don’t forget about Keenan Allen either, because when he’s healthy, he is a top receiver in this league. They also drafted Hunter Henry last season and Mike Williams this year—I think that Chargers offense has top-10 potential. But, I do believe the Eagles have a better all around team and should beat the Chargers in a close contest. Eagles Win (3-1)

Week 5: Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals had a rough 2016 season, but don’t expect the same in 2017. They reloaded and I think they’ll compete for their division title in 2017. The last time these two teams played David Johnson shredded the Eagles D, however, he is coming off an ACL injury that cut his season short last year. I can see this game going either way, but the Eagles are at home so I’ll give them the win. Eagles Win (4-1)

Week 6: @ Carolina Panthers

While Carolina’s secondary may struggle, they have one of the best front sevens in the NFL. This Panthers defense looks like it can be top-10 caliber. Panthers seem to be an all around solid team this year. They added Christian McCaffrey and Curtis Samuel to an already potent offense—chances don’t look too good for the Birds on the road. Eagles Lose (4-2)


Wentz Cousins
Carson Wentz and Kirk Cousins match up twice in NFC East battles. It’s a compelling rivalry. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Week 7: Washington Redskins

First Monday Night Football game of the season. I have the Eagles winning for all the same reasons I had them winning week 1, plus they’re at home this time. Eagles Win (5-2)

Week 8: San Francisco 49ers

While I do like what John Lynch and the Niners have done so far, they’re nowhere near competing with this Eagles team. Eagles Win (6-2)

Week 9: Denver Broncos

This game should be a defensive battle. The Broncos have the best CB tandem in the NFL and overall maybe the best defense in the league. Their major question however is who will be playing quarterback. The Eagles front seven is gonna look to get after whoever is under center but the Broncos beefed up their O line so the pass rush may not get their as early as they like—leaving the Eagles corners on an island. Eagles Lose (6-3)

Week 10: Bye Week

Week 11: @ Dallas Cowboys

Sunday Night Football in Jerry world. The Eagles and Cowboys went 1-1 against each other last year and looked extremely even in the first game (Dallas rested their starters in the second head to head.) I expect them to split the series this year again while each team wins their home game. Eagles Lose (6-4)

Week 12: Chicago Bears

Alshon Jeffery’s homecoming game. In a prove-it year for Jeffery I expect him to play at a pro-bowl caliber level and put on a clinic against his former team. The Chicago Bears are a mess and the Eagles should handle them no problem at home. Eagles Win (7-4)

Week 13: @ Seattle Seahawks

This is as tough a game you can have in the NFL, playing in Seattle late in the season. In order for the Eagles to even have a chance at winning, they must get to Russell Wilson early and keep him on his back all game. It’s a doable task, given how bad Seattle’s O line has played the past few seasons, but I just don’t think this Eagles team is on that level yet. Eagles Lose (7-5)

Week 14: @ Los Angeles Rams

This is a battle of number 1 and 2 overall in the 2016 draft. Given how Goff played last season, the Eagles have a good shot to win this game. The Rams did add some talent around Goff in this years draft but the Eagles are the superior team. Eagles Win (8-5)

Week 15: @ New York Giants

*Hot take alert* I think the Giants will already be out of playoff contention at this point and the Eagles will be neck and neck with the Cowboys for the division lead. Given those circumstances, I think Wentz will lead his team to a victory on the road. Eagles Win (9-5)

Week 16: Oakland Raiders

This Raiders team is the real deal, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the Super Bowl. With that being said, I think Eagles fans may be in store for a Blue Christmas this year. Carr vs. Wentz on Christmas evening should be a fun battle but I see this game going the Raiders way. Eagles Lose (9-6)

Week 17: Dallas Cowboys

This one here is for all the marbles. Prescott vs. Wentz for the division title. Now some may say 10-6 won’t be enough to win the division, and it may not, but with tough schedules in the NFC East never say never. I had Dallas winning the first game and I’ve got Philadelphia winning this one in a close battle. Eagles Win (10-6) NFC East Champions